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It can be said, without fear of misunderstanding, that Valle Fertil is mobilized by a restless group of little dancers ready to do anything to fulfill their dream. There are about 30 boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 10 belonging to the Ayekantum Academy – led by Amira Ceballes and her husband Julio Rivero, known for showcasing local dances in nets in beautiful local landscapes – who dream of participating in choreographic meeting, a crowd-pleasing Córdoba dance competition. In fact, since April they have been preparing for this purpose. The illusion is very big, since for the first time they will represent San Juan in a national competition; but also for almost all of them, it will also be their first trip outside the department.

Sell ​​homemade cakes, hold raffles, organize dances and even put on film shows in the Culture Room, with cartoons and popcorn included (so far there have been two and very special ones, because as the teacher said, “more than half the kids didn’t know the cinema, so it was beautiful experience”)… They are doing everything to try and raise the money they need for transfer and accommodation as they were going to travel on November 4th, compete on Saturday the 5th and return home on Sunday 6 p.m. Everything to the lungs, as Lerner sings, with the help of the people who contribute what they can. And so it will be again tomorrow, Friday, when the three groups, which prepare in folk, urban and Arabic rhythms, will show in the department square of Villa San Agustin the choreos who have rehearsed so hard because they do not know that, apart from enjoying their art, it is a tournament in which they will compete against other cubs in the country. It will be a sold-out show that families will be able to enjoy and even mate with each other, as the dancers’ mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmothers have already started cooking cookies, cakes, donuts and other goodies to sell in the square and thus help them a little more. It’s that, they say, if there’s one thing that’s been woven between the rehearsals, the smiles and the waiting, it’s valuable teamwork and a deep gratitude for every gesture of community solidarity.

urban rhythms This is another element that San Juan dancers incorporate.

“When I lived in Córdoba, I went to these choreographic meetings that cover all disciplines. One day, talking about it with the guys, the idea came up to go there and it was like going all the way because we are very far from Córdoba, but we started. Not the whole academy, but more or less half, because it would be impossible for everyone to go. It’s not easy, the band, the accommodation… a lot of money. We still have to, that’s why we decided to make this movement in the square on Friday, because with the little they can, they help us. We will show all the dances we do and my husband and I will also dance,” Ceballes, born in Córdoba and from San Juan “for love,” told DIARIO DE CUYO, who together with his partner, a native of the valley, in addition to training the boys also rehearse “fully” their queca and other dances, before the previous local instance of Pre Cosquín. This is that towards the end of October, both will compete in the category of traditional dance couples (accompanied by musicians Kevin Soria, Adrian Elizondo and Martin Guzmán), with the desire to integrate into the provincial delegation. Teachers’ pledge, experience, search, which they say also motivates their students to search more. So, in their young age, they make them feel.

With teacher Amira they rehearse Arabic dance choreas, with a veil and percussion.

“The boys are fascinated, many of them will be traveling for the first time, imagine the emotion they feel, it’s impressive. They are also super excited for Friday because they have never cap danced and then they keep asking ‘Teacher.’ , what what should we do? Teacher, what should we do?”. And the mothers too! They’re nervous, overexcited, adrenaline, it’s like they’re dancers too, it’s great,” smiled the teacher, who commented that in the changing rooms they fix the costumes they have so that they don’t add other costs that put the target ahead.

“The truth is that sharing this is very good, what has been generated in the city. They stop you there and say “Che, are you going to travel to Córdoba?” (laughs). I hope many people will join us on Friday, support us with the smallest thing they have, it doesn’t matter, it means a lot to us. And we will leave our art, what we love, “said Amira, touched. “The emotion is so great that these kids deserve it and I think it’s going to happen… It’s going to happen,” he said.

They are expected in Córdoba and they know it. That is why here the illusion is so great that it goes beyond those little hearts where with every passing day the dream of putting the department and the province on the crowded Cordoba stage thumps louder and louder.

The show for the trip to Córdoba will be tomorrow, Friday, at 4:00 pm in the departmental square of Villa San Agustín (Valle Fértil). Entrance to Capt. There will be grocery sales, all for profit.

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