He harassed girls through fake Instagram accounts

A 35-year-old subject accused of using a fake Instagram profile and adopting different identities to sexually harass and stalk girls and teenagers from the city of San Jose de Santa Maria was detained under the figure of “preliminary arrest” in what is the first case of “trimming” of which there is a record in this department.

Specialists involved in the case, from the Cybercrimes Unit of the Department of Judicial Investigations of the Provincial Police, in the dialogue Catamarca/12, were surprised by the perverse mode of action carried out by the sexual predator, since the subject with the surname Rioja, and not only pretended of a teenage “carilindo” named Alejandro Reynosi on Instagram, but also talked to his victims, posing as the sister and also the mother of the non-existent youth.

The same sources indicated that during the search of the house of the suspect, who was exposed by the parents of two minors last month (between the ages of 12 and 14), the police found a lot of evidence and a diary, which has many names and contacts of teenagers and girls from the little town, to which he adds a description of each of them, and even their movements, with the times and places they visit.

The subject reportedly observed the victims for hours and was able to form emotional bonds with some of them, who considered him a “virtual boyfriend.” Through this ruse, he manages to get teenagers to send him highly sexualized photos, with which he then blackmails them into receiving more sexual material, which is not detected even if he shares it with other people.

Although it has so far not been possible to verify whether he got physically close to any of these girls, evidence suggests that Rioja asked them about their classmates and thus had access to more contacts that he added to his agenda .

Specialists indicated that the case was extremely complicated because of the manipulation the man exerted on the girls, as he sometimes contacted them claiming to be “Alejandro’s” sister and telling them that they would tell him something that he the sexual predator himself observed in the constant surveillance he performed on the victims. On other occasions, she claimed to be “Alejandro’s” mother, a situation which gave more credibility to the existence of the fake “boyfriend”.

Another action that caught the eye of the investigation was that the subject’s alleged sister and mother (i.e. himself) also contacted relatives of the minors, presumably to find out what they knew about the relationship and whether it was to be detected, although it may also be a “disease” of the subject.


During the searches carried out at the house in Rioja, material was seized about the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents, which he himself would achieve by manipulating the victims of San José, a city of no more than 8,000 inhabitants, in addition to material that would be obtained in other ways. According to speculation, there are several girls who fell for his game, although in any case, investigations believe that it is possible that there are more people who would be deceived with this modality.

Six chips from different cell phone companies, memory cards with pornographic material that included very young minors and an extensive agenda of girls listing places they visited, their schedules and physical characteristics were found in the subject’s home.

“We are in the presence of a man who caused a lot of damage in the city, a perverted sexual predator who, as far as we know, did not come to the physical approach of the girls, but we believe he was not far from it,” the sources indicated, for yes At the same time, they pointed out that he is an extremely intelligent person and skillfully handles technology and social networks, although he lives as a day laborer, that is, without technology-related activity.

Considering the seriousness of the case, the District Attorney’s Office of the Fourth Judicial District, based in Santa Maria, intervened in the Directorate of Legal Assistance for Complex Crimes and Organized Crime of the Nation’s Supreme Court.

While Rioja remains preemptively behind bars, the investigation continues and evidence is gathered that surprises the police and court officials involved due to the degree of manipulation used by the subject and his perverse modus operandi.


It is important to note that Grooming is the intentional act of an adult, whether male or female, to sexually harass a girl, boy or adolescent through a digital medium that allows interaction between two or more people, such as social networks. , email, text messages, instant messaging apps, chat sites, or online games.

Source: Page/12

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