Experts and companies analyze strengths and new leadership at the 5th International Conference on Organizational Wellbeing

The 5th International Meeting on Organizational Wellbeing It features leading experts, people management specialists and members of recognized companies as speakers nationally and internationally recognized. The initiative focuses on how to generate a positive work environmentwhile there is analyzed and identified strengths and emerging leadershipneeded today to overcome new challenges.

The conference was attended by: Carmen Soler, Director of the Master’s Program in Strategic Management at the University of Florida in Spain, Laura Chica, Oscar Garcia, Ontological Coach, a student of the optimal well-being of the human being, Teresa Viejo, teller of stories that inspire. Mistress of CuriosityMaría Fernanda Sanmiguel Garza: HR Manager – Enkoder, Daniel López: Lawyer – Instituto Tecnológico Superior Cordillera ITSCO and Marta Villarino: Workplace Happiness, CSR & Compliance Director – Vygon Spain.

Carmen Soler emphasized this in these times of uncertainty and change, it is necessary to include the knowledge of positive psychology, applied research to the company, to promote a a favorable climate that allows organizations to grow and developachieving a more humane, supportive and healthy environment.

Oscar Garcia, Ontological Coach, student of the optimal welfare of the human being in his speech has defined leadership strengths and how to find and to identify these skills through study and research.

In his presentation he showed that all we have 24 fortressesbut that The first five are those that act as tractors, and that they are the ones we need to work on in order to be the best version of ourselves. García showed that studies made to 5,000 youths between 15 and 18 years of age to identify your strengths before and after the pandemicit was found that after the crisis some skills have moved, with sense of humor in ninth placewhich indicates the priority that this capacity has acquired in case of need, contributing to the generation greater hope.

This expert also emphasized the importance of identify strengths so they can place people in the correct positionsto achieve greater a commitment that can increase to 24%, reaching higher in turn engagement and therefore higher productivity.

Garcia pointed this out each country has a different strength, in the UK for example it is open mindedness, in Japan honesty and in the US teamwork. Depending on the area you live in, its culture, traditions, one or the other is given more importance. But the most important thing is ability to promote conscious learningto allow us to listen from the mind of an apprentice to build on strengths transferring these benefits to organizational change.

Marta Villarino: Workplace Happiness Director, CSR & Compliance – Vygon Spain, in his exhibition he has turned to mission management and non-archical leadership, as opposed to leadership at the top. Villarino has laid out some of the tools and initiatives to encourage a culture of people’s engagement in a common projectemphasizing on promoting the health of people from welfaregenerating a positive climate that promotes professional motivation.

Villarino explained how the company went from a management by objectives to management by missions and how have the workers themselves created a self-designed workplace as an optimistic building, a workplace created by collaborative creativity. He also emphasized that the company has a An APP where employees give each other medals and thank each othercounting in the last year 7000 honors which is 30 daily medalsthereby contributing to encourage gratitudeto generate an environment of greater wellness, camaraderieand also to encourage solidarityin transforming these medals in awards that become contributions to NGOs.

Villarino also highlighted the application they are making Crafting a joblike everyone partners growing sideways and does not work in a pyramidal, hierarchically based culture. As for the subject of reconciliation also emphasized that they have 117 measurementsresulting in both those who are parents and those who have elderly people to care for and even those workers who have pets enjoying the same conditions and licenses.

Also telecommuting is a strong point of this companywho wears 25 years of implementing the option to work outside the office and that there is a APP for remote signing, is important digital shutdownin which workers should avoid emails and calls before 8 a.m. and after 6 p.m..

Laura girlin his presentation he talked about leadership from self-love and how to humanize organizations, coaching teams, sharing from emotion, preferring a an organization with values ​​that promotes human relations, on trust, learning, overcoming, managing with empathy the most difficult moments. This expert pointed out that her experience has led her not only to work with companies, but even with teachers, which in turn have inculcated the knowledge of self-leadership to his own students. Laura Chica emphasized the importance of learning to love ourselves, teaching self-knowledge, promoting self-esteem, emotional self-affirmation, being needed connect the soul with your purpose.

in turn Daniel Lopez: Attorney – Cordillera Institute of Technology ITSCO has talked about authentic leadershipand how to promote a working system based on values, ethics, commitment and human qualities. Education has shown “the holiest and most human tenderness.” In this line he emphasized prioritizing organizational well-being and the benefits of implementing good practicesbased on environment collaborative, human and innovative and above all from transparency.

Lopez emphasized that in ITSCO, with 200 teachers and 7000 students develop a pedagogy with a unique model what is wrong with him scientific approval recognized at an academic level that engages emotional intelligence, for social responsibility and for unit positive well-being and which enhance self-awareness and ethics by instilling in students personal development with values.

Theresa Auld, “teacher of curiosity” and creator of the “Curious Leadership” model emphasized that this leadership encourages creativity, learning, innovation, engagement of the teams business growth, exploring new ways and areas of work. This expert points out that with curiosity being the first of the 24 human strengths it is now more necessary than ever to manage uncertainty and embrace change with flexibility and openness.

Curiosity leads to discovery, transformation, continuous learning to face the vicissitudes of the workplace. Curiosity also pointed out that it generates virtuous circles, a necessary skill to turn it into competition, to develop the sense of belonging that preserves talent.

As a climax, the day ended with the exhibition of María Fernanda Sanmiguel Garza: Human Resources Manager – Encoder who In his presentation, he emphasized the need not only to engage with a healthy organization, but for an organization with a soul, while emphasizing progress at the individual level which go from the best version to the conscious youlook for promoting strengths.

Maria Fernanda emphasized that the key moment is conscious co-creation, have goals to feel that connection and be able to share it and spread that hope to others. For this expert, the most important thing is to leave a memorable imprint on people, check if they felt integrated, accompanied, and that they were part of an organization with a common purpose.

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