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Sport fishing in Neuquen.

Those interested in working in the Lanín National Park must pay the fee as an examination fee ($1880) according to the tariff approved by Res. HD Nº: 653/2021, and contact María Virginia Gallardovia the following email:

It is important to explain that those who pass through both instances and present all the necessary documentation can be qualified as suppliers and guides (as the case may be in the Lanín National Park) of the sport fishing tourist activity.

It should be noted that once Once the relevant documentation has been assessed, pre-registered students will be able to access the study material via a password that will inform them which will be accessible through the website:

Finally, the Ministry of Tourism indicated that the Chamber of Guides and Sports Fishing Professionals of the Province of Neuquen, Lanin National Park, the Center for Applied Ecology of Neuquen, the Provincial Directorate of Natural Protected Areas participate in the organization, Faunal Resources and the Ministry of Tourism through his provincial directorate of legal affairs and the undersecretary of tourism.

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Institutions authorized for pre-registration

*Junin de los Andes: – Tourism Secretary. Address: Padre Milanesio Nº 590, Municipality of Junin de los Andes. Phone: (02972) 49-1160, e-mail:

– Lanín National Park Delegation, Calle Patagonia Nº 652, phone 02972-492748. e-mail:

*San Martin de los Andes: -Lanín National Park Administration, Calle Perito Moreno 1006 Esq. Elordi, Phone: 02972-427233 ext.109. e-mail:

– Chamber of Guides and Professionals in Sport Fishing of Neuquén, Address: Amancay Gallery, Calle Belgrano 854, Local 12. Telephone: 02972-411111, Mobile 0294-154237761, Email:

*I aluminized: -Delegation of Lanín National Park, Pasto Verde corner Abedules, Telephone (02942)496599, e-mail:

*Chos Mallal: North Zone Tourism Delegation-Deputy-Secretary of Tourism – Calle 25 de Mayo 89-Telephone: 02948-421425-421991, Email:

*Capital Neuquen: General Directorate of Tourism Providers, dependent on the Legal and Technical Directorate of the Province and in conjunction with the Vice Secretary of Tourism, dependent on the Ministry of Tourism of the Province of Neuquen – Address: Calle Teniente Navio E. Krawczyk Nº 525. Paseo de la Costa Isla 132. (8300) Capital of Neuquen. Phone 0299-4115277,, copy All documentation must be scanned and in PDF format.

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The documentation is submitted in digital form

– Complete the registration form and attach:

  • Photocopy of certificates of completed training and courses taken.
  • Physical fitness certificate issued by competent authority/doctor.
  • Photocopy of national identity document. (Be Argentine or nationalized and speak Spanish correctly). Residence in the province of Neuquen for a minimum of two (2) years of residence.
  • If you are under 21, you must present a certificate of emancipation.
  • Free Trespasser Certificate from Directorate General of Faunal Resources Control.
  • In the case of those wishing to take the boat fishing test, they must present the authorization of the Argentine Naval Prefecture: boatman, helmsman, etc. in advance.

For the practical exam, it is necessary for each participant to present himself with your own fishing tackle; Yoclothing with glasses and cap.

The activity is part of the Provincial Tourism Law No. 2414, Resolution No. 853/10 and its amendment by Resolution No. 369/13. and in the Regulations of the National Parks Administration: Res.113/19, which state that all tourism activities must be registered in a register to guarantee visitors the hiring of authorized services that meet the requirements in terms of safety, quality and fitness.

Download here:

Pre-registration form

Exam methodology

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