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The Chief Controller identified and warned of a number of shortcomings in the management of Archbishop Loaise HospitalIt is located in Fence of Limasuch as low productivity of the medical professional, delays in obtaining appointments, delays in more than 430 operations, overloading of the Emergency Department, etc.

According to the institution, these facts show that what is established in the current health regulations will be violated and puts at risk and would affect timely medical care for patients.

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Likewise, I inform that he communicated the results of the official indicative report 8827-2022-CG/SALUD-SOO to the Director General of “Archbishop Loaiza” National Hospital. to implement the corrective measures that guarantee the correct productivity of the doctors, as well as the timely attention of the patients who enter the health facility.

external consultations

According to official guidance report 8827-2022-CG/SALUD-SOO, in the period from January to July 2022. Hospital Arzobispo Loayza planned medical examinations for 36,057 hours in external consultation, which represents 16% of the available 226 thousand hours that they managed to attend according to the technical standard.

This, according to the Comptroller’s Office, limits the provision of care to citizens, as well as the timely care of patients admitted to the hospital, who ultimately will not receive timely care and response.

Patients waiting to be operated on

On the other hand, the Controller showed it a total of 437 patients are on the waiting list to be operated on (as of September 19)which generates a risk of adequate and timely operative treatment necessary for the health of the patients.

To this is added that 30% (6) of the 20 operating theaters in the hospital are not workinggenerating risk in the timely care of patients waiting for operative intervention.

Low productivity of doctors

IN period from January to July 2022, 394 doctors appointed for external consultation treated 96,427 patients, managing between 676,500 and 902,000 visitsgiven that each doctor spends four continuous hours serving patients and that each hour must serve three to four patients, according to current regulations.

From the review and analysis of the information provided by the same hospital, it is noted that 30% (9) of the 30 outpatient services have low productivity (hour/doctor)because they serve less than three patients per hour when they could serve up to four patients per hour, a situation that would create a risk of delaying enrollment and postponing patient medical consultations.

This situation is recorded in the services of anesthesiology, dermatology, geriatrics, cardiology, neurosurgery, hematology, nephrology, neonatology, as well as physical medicine and rehabilitation.


The Control Commission showed that the The Emergency Department of Arzobispo Loayza Hospital during the period January – July 2022 has visited an average of 5 emergency care for every 10 outpatient care (0.5), exceeding the standard (0.1) situation that generates a risk of timely patient care which are admitted in a state of extreme severity and great urgency (priorities I and II).

IN During the analyzed period, 6620 emergency services were visited, but 75.2% of them corresponded to minor emergencies and general pathologies (priorities III and IV), while events of sudden extreme severity and major emergencies represented 24.8% of the attention.with.

It was also found that patients stayed in the emergency room for an average of 2.8 days, that is, six times more than the standard established by the Technical Health Standard, which is less than 12 hours. This circumstance creates a risk in the timely care of patients admitted to the Emergency Department, as they require immediate medical attention.

It was further confirmed that this the room lacks a call system that allows the patient who remains in the ED observation room to call a nurse in any situation that requireswhich affects the quality of health service delivery.

Other relevant facts have been established

According to the official orientation report, c period from January to July 2022 The following important events have occurred:

  • On average, each outpatient clinic provides care in one shift, despite the fact that the expected standard of care is two shifts: morning and afternoon.
  • Hospital beds remained unoccupied for an average of 2.9 days between the discharge of one patient and the admission of another, when the maximum expected standard is one day.
  • On average, 58 operations are performed per month in each operating room, with an expected standard of 80 to 100 operations per month.
  • 8% of scheduled operations per month are stopped when the maximum expected standard is 5% per month
  • More than 55% of births were by caesarean section, outside the maximum expected standard of 25%.
  • The rate of hospital-acquired infections is almost double the expected maximum standard of 0.7%.
Shortcomings in the management of Archbishop Loaiza Hospital.

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