Trends and novelties in aesthetic medicine for this fall

what’s new in medical-aesthetic procedures? We tell you everything you need to know about the latest trends and news.

out of stereotypes

On the occasion of the International Day of Aesthetic Medicine, which is celebrated every September 6, the pharmaceutical company Allergan Aesthetics, part of the AbbVie Company, launched the campaign Bye bye Canon as a reflection on the current definition of beauty and to emphasize the importance of possession scientific knowledge in each of the medico-aesthetic procedures. This initiative aims to break the stereotypes established by society and to give value to the free interpretation of beauty, without prejudice, and to the individual decision to choose procedures that promote their physical and emotional well-being, in accordance with the company’s pillars: According in one study, aesthetic facial procedures were shown to be associated with significant improvements in patients’ social and psychological well-being and a reduction in appearance-related stress, thus confirming that these treatments are a means of improving overall health .

The most sought after treatments

Once that hour of the end of summer arrives, with the subsequent good intentions of the beginning of the school year, the most requested procedures at the Hospido Clinic are those that deal with “fixing the excesses of summer.” Ana Hospidomedical director at Clínica Hospido, tells us about the most sought-after options.

  1. To treat facial dehydration caused by the intense summer sun, we offer facial mesotherapy based on combinations of hyaluronic acid and vitamins or platelet growth factors. In some cases we go further, performing a “whole face” treatment, helping to reposition those structures that have lost volume, so that in addition to achieving a “good face” effect, we induce the generation of our own collagen, stopping the tendency of face a the droop For this purpose, we have fillers with hyaluronic acid and an innovative hybrid that combines hyaluronic acid with calcium hydroxyapatite. With one session, we achieve a lifting effect on the face without having to resort to surgery, improving the architecture of the skin.
  2. Solar radiation also tends to produce the appearance of spots on the skin which disfigure the appearance and which our patients want to remove. Once their nature is diagnosed, we can soften or even eliminate them, depending on the type of hyperpigmentation in question, with peeling, laser, IPL (pulsed light) and, of course, using home treatments.
  3. On the other hand, those fantastic terrace beers accompanied by their pinchitos have influenced us and we need to deal with those extra pounds. The solution is to follow in a healthy and controlled manner dietary guidelines. In addition, we have excellent equipment at our center, such as medical cryolipolysis, which helps us permanently remove localized fat, and radiofrequency with ultrasound to reduce loose skin.
  4. And last but not least, the beginning of autumn is the perfect time to start treating them varicose and spider veins that apart from making our feet ugly, in many cases they also cause us discomfort and pain. Its removal, both by chemical sclerotherapy and by vascular laser, is a treatment that takes time. If we want to be perfect for next summer, now is the perfect time to start these procedures.

Understand digestive, hormonal and emotional health

After the success of the previous three editions of the “Health Hackers Meeting”, the following 8 and 9 October, Xevi Verdaguer will celebrate its IV edition. A weekend of meetings to learn keys and Important health tips. Two days of unique experiences in a beautiful farmhouse surrounded by nature in the heart of Joanetes, La Garrotxa. Xevi Verdaguer will give three lectures on different topics, interspersed throughout the conference with those of other experts in different disciplines. On this occasion, he will offer his rich experience on the topic: “How the gut affects our psychological balance”, “Everything that hides your gas” and “How to protect yourself from excess estrogen”.

In 2018, the first edition of the “Health Hackers Meeting” took place and since then many individuals have supported the Xevi project on the way to scientific dissemination and health education: Mercedes Milá, Ariadne Artiles, Silvia Abril, Verónica Blume, Nora Navas, Andrea Villalonga or Alejandra Onieva among other familiar faces. One of the star guests who is always present at the meetings is Aida Artiles, who on this occasion will conduct a practical lesson on Jivamukti Yoga. This IV edition will include the presence of professionals such as Magali Dalix, who will hold a class in the form of a de-stress challenge together with actor Maxi Iglesias, or wellness expert Xuan Lan, who will hold a stress-busting yoga class. Added to these activities are various meditation practices, a cooking show with Ricky Mandel, co-founder of Delicious&Sons; an aromatherapy workshop with Pranarom, a mindfulness session with Dr. Juan Carlos Duran and Carolina Romero, and a cooking workshop with Teresa Carles and Mar Barry; founders of Flax & Kale and a meditative experience with Gongs to kick off the weekend.

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