Living with pets improves physical and emotional well-being

The University of Miami, Ohio concluded in a study that pet owners have higher self-esteem and are physically healthier. Another recent investigation by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) states this pets help reduce feelings of loneliness and stress and become ideal companions for children, helping them in their development emotional and social.

It is therefore not surprising that more and more households have pets. At the end of 2021, there were 29 million registered pets in our country, which suggests that in 6 out of 10 homes have one or more pets, According to “I Animal Welfare Study” conducted by AniCura.

Pets neither judge nor discriminate, they just do provide unconditional love that brings great benefits to those who live with them, making them feel good. Below we recall some of them.

Living with pets improves physical and emotional well-being | pixels

Less loneliness and more confidence

If you live alone or alone in the company of a pet, what stimulates physical contact and communication with it the feeling of loneliness disappears and can protect you from depression. If there are a few of me in the house, your bonds will be strengthened, given that, Sharing care and affection for a pet fosters family bonds.

Also, when we’re depressed and we don’t feel like doing anything, the bond we create with the pet gives us an excuse to get out of bed to feed it and even take it outside. There are people in depression that they are unable to give vent to anyone but who together with their pets feel relieved for the communication they manage to establish with them.

Living with pets improves physical and emotional well-being

Living with pets improves physical and emotional well-being | pixels

More happiness, less stress and new friends

Play a little with your pet, pet her often and even talk to her stimulates the production of so-called “happiness hormones” such as oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine. Moreover, at the same time, the feeling of happiness increases cortisol is reduced which helps reduce stress levels and blood pressure. It can be said that playing and contact with the pet makes us feel good and helps protect heart health last resort.

Go to walking a pet is routine which not only contributes to increasing regular physical exercise, but also which also increases social life.

during the ride conversations are often held either with strangers who come to pet her and ask about her, or with other pet owners with whom a friendly relationship can be established. Walking a pet can make us more sociable.

Living with pets improves physical and emotional well-being

Living with pets improves physical and emotional well-being | pixels

What is the benefit of them for children and adolescents?

Having your children grow up exposed to the constant stimulation of their pet brings countless benefits benefits for the development of their senses, social and emotional skills.

Animals at home are an opportunity for mature children and adolescents gaining responsibilities by taking care of him (food, grooming, visits to the vet, walks…). Even teenagers who have dogs increase their physical activity by an average of 15 minutes per day. The bond they establish with the animal increases the time they devote to it, spending slightly less time on mobile devices, disconnected from the family.

Even children with some difficulty speaking or reading gain confidence by doing it in front of pets, as the animals won’t judge them if they make a mistake.

Some therapies that involve animals have been shown to be effective for people with some type of problem or disorder that affects them socially, emotionally, physically, or cognitively.

Living with pets improves physical and emotional well-being

Living with pets improves physical and emotional well-being | pixels

Thinking of getting a pet?

The first thing you should do before bringing a pet into your life is inform you about the care you will need in terms of the attention you can give him throughout the day, the type of food, veterinary care, space at home and the exercise he will need, among other things.

Having an animal at home brings many advantages, but it is a living thing and it is our responsibility to keep it in good condition and we are committed to keeping you healthy and happy. Not clarifying these things beforehand leads to some people want to get rid of the animal after a while.

Unfortunately, it is still common some homeowners who buy on impulse, For example, a puppy or cat decides to abandon it or leave it in a shelter when they realize that living with it implies commitment and effort, which involves training it. In the case of dogs, it should also be borne in mind that each breed has its own temperament and needs, which can significantly affect coexistence.

In 2021, they were collected in our country 285,000 abandoned dogs and cats, according to the Purina Observatory. Some of the reasons for abandonment are the unwanted litters, the end of the hunting season, the coming of the holidays and even because owners lose interest in the pet.

The good news in light of these numbers is that more than 50% of abandoned dogs and cats and collected by protectors are adopted from families with a success rate of 90% of cases. Social awareness campaigns and the work done by advocates, shelters and non-profit associations in favor of adoption are beginning to bear fruit.

And that’s it 7 out of 10 Spaniards prefer to adopt their dog or cat before buying it, According toI Animal Welfare Survey in Spain’ conducted by AniCura.

Living with pets improves physical and emotional well-being

Living with pets improves physical and emotional well-being | pixels

Why adopt a pet?

The first and foremost thing is this gives a second chance to an animal that has been abandoned, and you will see that his capacity for gratitude is remarkable. It must be emphasized that it is a false myth that there are no animals in adoption organizations different races and ages.

Also, the good thing is that will inform you about its history, characteristics and behavior both of their race and their specific races, and in some cases you can visit them before adopting it and make the decision with the certainty that you adapt either to each other or to your family’s lifestyle.

Another advantage of adopting, for example from a dog, is that the cost is much less than buying it. The price is justified by the veterinary costs that the adoption organization must bear (up-to-date vaccinations, internal and external deworming, microchip…). In the case of puppies, this price is usually slightly higher due to the level of veterinary care they require in the first 4 months of their lives. But dog from 10 years can become free its acceptance in some subjects.

The most recommended is this if you want to adoptcontact the centers near your home informs you of the requirements you must meet and prices, as some vary depending on whether the establishment is a municipal kennel, a private animal shelter or a shelter.

in all subjects adoption processes are supervised by professionals and aim to ensure the well-being of the pet, they are relatively quick, they will only ask for a few minimum requirements to make it effective and you can enjoy your new friend at home.

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