High-level nannies in the Emirates earn AED 30,000 per month

The babysitters Highly qualified and well-accredited professionals are more in demand than ever United Arab Emirates. Some earn salaries of up to 30,000 dirhams a month (more than $8,100), in addition to accommodation, food and frequent travel abroad.

If job postings posted by recruitment agencies and families serve as guides, babysitters European and Western-educated are in high demand and well-rewarded in the UAE. The monthly salary of a qualified and experienced English speaking nanny is 25,000 to 30,000 dirhams. This is higher than the average salary for a business manager average. In addition to a salary, they have free accommodation in attractive neighborhoods, food, holidays worldwide and medical benefits, which means there is a lot of interest in these positions.

“There is money, there is entertainment and there’s a lifestyle,” he told the paper The national Joe, 32, qualified teacher from Australia, who recently changed her job as a teacher to work for a Canadian family in Dubai.

“I worked ten hours a day a teacher in the school of Dubai. I had to prepare the lessons every night, correct the answer sheets and do many other administrative tasks. And he won just over 15,000 dirhams. As a nanny I earn 20,000 dirhams and I work only from five to six hours completely stress free and more rewarding.

Joe kept his last name due to an agreement with confidentiality with your employer.

susan, a British nanny from an Emirati family in Dubai came to the United Arab Emirates three years ago to enjoy the country’s famous and lively beaches. The young woman said an ad she saw online for a babysitter changed her life. Three years into the job and Susan said she was in a “happy place”. “I’ve already traveled to five countries on holiday. Working hours are sometimes a bit long. But I earn 25,000 dirhams a month plus benefits. The family is very friendly and feels like at home. The children are also very attached to me.”

As wealthier families move to the UAE, there is a high demand for babysitters. And many families are willing to pay up to 30,000 dirhams for a highly qualified babysitter for their children.

Sarah, bank with headquarters in Abu Dhabi, looking for a British nanny. “My expectation level is very, very high. And I am willing to pay 30,000 dirhams for someone I can trust”.

Between his busy corporate life and his long business tripsSarah said she fought to secure it two-year-old twins the highest quality care. “I want a nanny who can communicate with my children in English and who has a passport that allows them to do so the mobility to travel with me and children. They should come with good experience and recommendations“.

“The UAE and Dubai in particular, but also Abu Dhabi, especially in recent years, are popular with Western nannies because the country offers professional nannies combining a Western lifestyle and a tax-free salary,” she said. Jane Morgan, co-founder and director of London nanny consultant, based in the United Kingdom. She is an expert in recruiting nannies for families in the Middle East.

Angelica Robinson, CEO of a Dubai-based consultancy, CloudNine Kids Internationalexplained that he had received from 60 to 70 requests for an ad you placed in an online forum native English speaking nanny for a British family to look after their three and four year old girls.

The ad indicated a gentle personality, a empathetic and passionate care with young children, experience in feeding and planning healthy foodsIn addition to being comfortable with Pets.

The 15,000 dirhams per month job allowed the chosen one to live in a fully furnished 2,000 square foot apartment in Palm and enabled him to travel with the family to Europe in July and August, in addition to some ski vacation in February and shorter trips the rest of the year. “I received requests from the UAE, the United Kingdom, the United States and even from South Africa and New Zealand“.

According to Robinson, the new relaxed visa rules in the UAE allow families hire babysitters and western governesses. “Until a few years ago it was difficult for families to have a British or European nanny because visas from domestic worker were issued only to certain nationalities. Families have patronized them in theirs company visas as personal assistants secretaries. But now they can hire people of any nationality,” concluded Robinson.

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