Girls and high school students in Iran take off their veils in protest

  • After the death of an underage youth during the protests, high school students and students on the Persian side rose up in defense of the demonstrations and took down the fereje on social media

Nikaa young Iranian woman 16 years, would have turned 17 last Sunday. But the girl, short black hair, light locks and punk style He disappeared in late September, one afternoon when he went out to join protests in Iran against the killing three weeks ago of Mahsa Amini at the hands of the morality police.

Nika’s lifeless body appeared this Tuesday at the mortuary in Tehran. But after a while it disappeared again. Her family claims that the Iranian government took her to bury her in A secret place, without burial. The reason is simple: to avoid greater tensions and hide the death toll. This wave of protests began precisely at the funeral of young Amini, on September 17.

Nika’s death and disappearance further inflamed spirits. After the news of his death, high school students of the country joined the protests, which until now were commanded by studentson strike since last week.

Iranian networks were filled with videos of high school students removing the veilwriting revolutionary slogans on blackboards, kicking a school principal off campus and even shouting fear at a member of basij forces, the Iranian paramilitary group responsible for the brutal crackdown on protests. This body is composed of radical policemen and ex-offenders added to the cause.

foreign forces

Iran, which claims that the death of young Amini in police custody was due to a heart attack – something denied by the 22-year-old’s family – is also dropping the ball when it comes to the protests. On Monday, Ayatollah Khamenei spoke for the first time since the beginning of the demonstrations and accused Israel Y USA.

This Tuesday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi repeated his words, but assured that his government understands the frustration of citizens who may see some “disadvantages“in the operation of Islamic Republic.

But on critical voices with the Iranian authorities are getting bigger and more diverse, and those who are calling out are not just the young students who have taken to the streets.

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“Neither external enemies nor internal opposition are capable of turning the streets into scenes of riot without context of social dissatisfaction. Denying this fact will not help calm the situation,” said this Wednesday in its editorial newspaper “Jumhuri Eslami, hard-line and conservative. “Jumhuri Eslami” means Islamic Republic in Persian.

Meanwhile, the figures are arranged. According to independent censuses Police repression of the protests has caused the death of more than 130 people, in addition to the thousands injured and arrested. Most deaths are in the areas of Balochistan Y Sistanin the eastern part of the country and where there is a predominant presence of ethnic and religious minorities. There, according to human rights organizations, the police quelled demonstrations with real fire.

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