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EPS Sanitas is not enough to serve consumers after receiving 237,977 members of the liquidated Comfamiliar. This is evidenced by the long queues that are registered these days at the company’s pharmacies, where dozens of people have to wait for hours to get medicines without having a guarantee that they are available. Neiva’s Ministry of Health has already put a magnifying glass on the situation.

Lucia Sanchez


Requiring medicines has become an odyssey for Sanitas users in Neiva, just a month ago this EPS became the main recipient of the members of the liquidated Comfamiliar del Huila.

This situation, which became an ordeal for hundreds of people every day, was revealed on social networks, where users not only reported their ordeal, but also demanded solutions to this problem.

Alirio Solano is one of them. The man from Neiva was among the dozens of people who arrived very early yesterday in front of Las Droguerías Cruz Verde, in Unicentro, waiting to receive their medicines. But waking up early didn’t help him much, as he stood in line for three hours to be told “that he had to clear the medication first. I find it disrespectful because I spent all morning,” the man wrote on Facebook, accompanying his complaint with a photo showing a crowd.

But this problem is not only experienced by Sanitas users, it is that those from Nueva EPS, the second largest recipient of Comfamiliar users, also had to face long queues to request medicine without having a guarantee that available.

This was stated by María Nubia Vallejo Bernal. “Discolmédica is where they supply the drugs to the new EPS. They last almost an hour with a patient, a terrible delay, and when you get to the window they tell you that there is no medicine. We are asking for a solution to this problem, please,” the user wrote on her Facebook account.

Faced with this situation, Neiva’s representative, Kleiver Oviedo Farfán, pointed out that the problem corresponds to the fact that these EPSs have sharply increased their users and the installed capacity is not enough to serve “so many people” at the same time. “I have gone to these places with the supervisory services to look at the problem and the situation is really complicated,” said the public ministry representative.

Control of Secresalud

Naiva Health Secretary Georgina Ramos Flores announced that she is aware of this situation.

“The municipal health secretariat, from the powers of inspection and surveillance, is in the process of monitoring the network of providers of the different EPS, especially Sanitas and Nueva EPS, which were the ones that accepted (in Villa) the users of Comfamiliar,” the official said.

He also said that there are complaints from the Municipal Health Secretariat, especially from Cruz Verde, the Sanitas pharmacy, “since this EPS did not contract with the ESE Carmen Emilia Ospina-Chief Executive Officer for the supply of drugs, therefore last week a visit was made to Cruz Verde to check on the problem of waiting drugs and crowds.

The official said that in joint meetings with the municipal Personería, EPS Sanitas was requested to have more drug distribution points and to be more central “because in Unicentro it is very far for many people and, moreover, to make a contract with the CEO of ESE for the subsidized regime and rural areas”, at that time Ramos Flores announced that on Friday last week a request was sent to Sanitas for non-compliance, with a copy to the control entities.

“EPS Sanitas has called us to a meeting for Friday, October 7, where they will show us the progress in hiring and the improvement strategies it is proposing,” added Neiva’s health minister.

Regarding the new EPS, the official said that there is a contract with Colsubsidio for the contribution regime and with the CEO of ESE for the subsidized regime, “with this EPS we have not filed as many complaints as with Sanitas, but the inspection visit also is planned. and monitoring the pharmacy for the next week.’

The call of Adv

Considering this situation, the Office of the Attorney General requested the mayors of 22 municipalities in the Department of Huila to carry out the appropriate actions to ensure the provision of health services to members and users transferred from EPS Familiar to other EPS recipients, following an intervention by National Health Surveillance.

Through a preventive action, the Education Office of the province of Garzón, Huila, requested to provide medical care to consumers, who are mostly a vulnerable population belonging to the subsidized regime.

The invitation includes the mayors of the municipalities of Acevedo, Altamira, Agrado, Garzón, Gigante, Tarqui, Pital, Guadalupe, Suaza, La Plata, La Argentina, Nataga, Paycol, Thessaly, Timana, San Agustin, Isnos, Saladoblanco, Oporapa, Palestine, Pitalito and Elijah.

Therefore, the control entity reminded the mayors that they must ensure the inspection, monitoring, control and authorization of health services in their municipalities, in addition to guaranteeing effective, comprehensive, timely and quality access of those connected to the EPS.

The Public Ministry also requires that in cases where there are violations or interruptions of medical treatment, they are carried out immediately, “informing the member of the way to access the service that he requires to protect life, integrity and human dignity.” .

This call was joined by the National Superintendent of Health, Ulahi Beltrán López, who again requested timely attention from the EPS, which received the population that was in the liquidated Comfamiliar Huila, asking them to “guarantee the right to health through the timely provision of services”.

Beltrán López said that these receiving entities have the responsibility to provide all care without delay or interruption, especially to patients who have filed for guardianship, as well as to children and mothers, and to ensure their health, continuously and immediately.

It should be recalled that at the end of August, the National Health ordered the liquidation of the health program of the Huila Family Compensation Fund due to the critical situation it was going through and which put the lives of its members in the departments of Huila and Boyaca at risk.

It should be noted that the 540,136 members of EPS Comfamiliar Huila were distributed as follows: 237,977 went to EPS Sanitas, 204,195 to Nueva EPS, 32,821 to Salud Total, 24,714 to Famisanar, 22,015 now belong to Coosalud, 17 970 to Cajacopi, 4,565 to Compensar and 1,044 to AIC EPSI. On the other hand, EPS SURA got 603 and Malla EPSI 232.

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