Recommendations for the evacuation exercise on October 4 in Bogotá

The administration of Bogota reminded all participants that this new day will be personal and for that safety and health measures against covid 19 must be taken into account. Photo via

The environment secretary from Bogotá published the recommendations this must be taken into account by all citizens, entities, institutions and organizations that will be part of of the area evacuation exercise which will take place next Tuesday, October 4 at 10:30 a.m

Regional Institute for Risk Management and Climate Change (IDIGER) provided the following step-by-step What should be considered before, during and after training, He also highlighted the commitment of the participants and the presentation of the training performance report.

The first of these emphasizes updating the emergency plan, in accordance with the provisions of Resolution 312 of 2019 of Ministry of Labour, which sets out the minimum standards of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (SG-SST).

Secondly, it should be checked that the evacuation plan is updated and define with the work team, students and/or relatives the risk scenario to be considered. Then they have to determine and plan each task or item to develop in self-defense training: alarm mechanisms, self-defense infographics, analysis of high-risk scenarios, and more.

The participants of the exercise must socialize the virtual and voluntary courses created by the administration of Bogotá, organize an emergency kit at work, home, institute, etc. and stress the importance of it; include people with some kind of physical disability in the army and support them during the simulation.

IDIGER reminds that all people who live or are located in Bogotá will be able to participate in the 2022 area evacuation exercise.

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On the other hand, you should publicize evacuation routes and meeting pointsprovide appropriate instructions for safe evacuation, designates the persons responsible for recording the evidence of the evacuation (via pictures or videos).

During the exercise, the Ministry of the Environment He emphasized that before this exercise begins, it is necessary to fulfill the above measuresJ evacuate according to these recommendations. You must also remain calm at all times, but be constantly alert.

So during training the head and neck must be protected in safe places, move away from potentially risky or affected objects, cut off the supply of water, electricity and gas; evacuate and direct the group to the assembly point, evaluate the results after the exercise and report participation at the following link:

It should be remembered that This report is due by October 4th after 10:30 am, attaching visual content and participation with recommendations through the social networks of the Secretariat for the Environment and the Regional Institute for Risk Management and Climate Change.

It should be remembered that the area evacuation drill is an exercise that seeks to increase capacity of communities, organizations, companies, educational institutions and public and private entities pto test response capabilities, improve them and raise awareness among city residents.

These are some of the steps to consider when participating in the 2022 evacuation drill. Photo via
These are some of the steps to consider when participating in the 2022 evacuation drill. Photo via

This collective strategy seeks to empower the city in knowledge and expertise in the face of disaster riskwith immediate and safe response capabilities from all actors for proper management, before, during and after an emergency.

Finally, the Minister of Environment and IDIGER reminded all residents of this This training is face-to-facetherefore, emphasize that it is necessary to stay self-care measures against covid 19such as: physical distancing, use of face masks and hand washing before and after exercise.


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