Purina fights for health and sustainability

purine, Europe’s leading pet care company, has unveiled six new commitments dedicated to improving the lives and well-being of pets, people and the health of our planet. The company recognizes that more impactful and ambitious measures are needed to meet today’s social and environmental challenges.

A better human-animal bond

The new commitments build on Purina’s core strength of providing high-quality pet nutrition while addressing broader social and environmental issues. This includes improving the health of people in vulnerable situations through the power of the human-animal bond and accelerating the transition to carbon neutrality and regenerative food systems.

They are also designed to address key social impact areas outlined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030.

The company will also work to help regenerate soil and ocean ecosystems.. This includes projects to restore algae to absorb carbon emissions and chemical runoff.

BetterWithPets 2022 Award

Purina aims to support 1,000,000 people in vulnerable situations by improving their health and well-being through the power of the human-animal bond.

To help scale the impact of this commitment, the company announced the launch and evolution of its BetterWithPets Award 2022 for impactful organizations that use the power of the human-animal bond to improve the lives of people in vulnerable situations. The start of official applications will begin in January 2023.

A summary of Purina’s new commitments

The company’s commitments are designed to continue to offer high-quality pet care and nutrition with the ambition to work within planetary boundaries and address key areas of societal impact.

Innovations in pet nutrition with ingredients from regenerative practices

  • Until 202420 new products designed to improve the health and well-being of pets will be launched.
  • Until 202520% of cereals and plant proteins will be obtained from regenerative agricultural practices, and by 2030 this share will reach 50%.
  • Until 2030we will only use fish (wild-caught and aquaculture) sourced from responsible practices.

Promote pet adoption through collaborations and partnerships

  • The company will continue to work with protectors and faces to promoting good practices and helping to improve the rate of responsible adoption by 2025.
  • To help increase pet adoptions, Purina Europe will partner with Dogs Trust Worldwide (DTWW) to provide animal welfare charities across the region with the tools and financial resources to more effectively improve both the welfare and the search for a final family for stray animals.

Promote responsible pet ownership programs

  • By 2030, 3 million people will have participated in the various programs.
  • The company will work with expert education partners to offer programs to help children better understand pet behavior and care. in 13 different countries.
  • Also will fund initiatives to help pet owners, such as the Zigzag Puppy Coach app, which strengthens critical skills for new puppy owners by providing a personalized training plan.
  • Finally, the entity has evolvedor a digital tool that will be updated with new and more detailed information to ensure that pets fit the lifestyle and circumstances of potential owners.

Promoting human health through the power of the human-animal bond

  • By 2030 the goal is to help 1,000,000 people in situations of vulnerability improve your health and well-being through the power of the human-animal bond.

Work for a zero-waste future

  • By 2025, the ambition is for 100% of Purina’s packaging to be reusable or recyclable with the aim of reducing the use of clear plastic by a third over the same period of time.
  • By 2030, new solutions for circular ingredients will be integrated into the product portfolio of purine.

Advances in Regenerating Terrestrial and Ocean Ecosystems

The commitment includes the following goals for 2030:

  • We aim to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% on our way to carbon neutrality.
  • We aim to reduce excess nitrogen and phosphorus from fertilizers in our agricultural supply chain.
  • We strive to limit land use as well as improve land quality through regenerative farming practices.
  • We aim to contribute with our actions to halt the loss of nature and start reversing this trend by 2030.
  • We will address bycatch with our global fisheries partners, such as the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP), and collaborate with and support Fisheries Improvement Projects (FIPs) related to the fish species in our products.
  • We will carry out kelp and seagrass restoration projects to help us capture more carbon and promote biodiversity.

Purina Commitments – Responsible Sourcing/YouTube

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