Mayor Claudia Lopez at the grand opening of care unit number 12

  • The administration of Mayor Claudia López put into operation in Campo Verde, Bossa City, a new Apple of Care. In these spaces, women can study, work, rest and find all the services they need in case they are victims of violence.
  • “Apple of Care is all the infrastructure to put it at the service of caring for the women who have cared for us, 1 million 200,000 women are dedicated to unpaid care, 700,000 of them are in poverty and we will correct this. no one helped them and now we have Apples of Care for that,” Mayor Claudia López emphasized.
  • To date, Bogotá has 12 care blocks: Ciudad Bolivar, Bosa, San Cristobal, Usme, Los Martires, Kennedy, Usaquen, Santa Fe – La Candelaria, Engativa, Rafael Uribe Uribe, Mochuelo (Ciudad Bolivar) and now in Campo Verde ( Barefoot). In addition, mobile care units for women living in hard-to-reach rural and urban areas.
  • The care unit in Bosa Campo Verde will benefit more than 4,000 female carers who live in the sector, in addition to 7,000 people who need care and/or support, such as children, the elderly and people with disabilities who live in the sector.
  • The district care system through the care blocks has served 210,000 women caregivers in Bogotá.
  • “With the Bosa Campo Verde Care Block, we are freeing women from the burden of self-care that involves protecting themselves from violence and the care overload they experience.

Bogota, 04 October 2022 The Bogotá we are building is a city that cares for those who care for us, with time and services for them and their families. Materializing this vision, this Tuesday Mayor Claudia Lopez; Women’s Affairs Secretary Diana Rodriguez; and Security Secretary Anibal Fernández de Soto delivered to the community of Campo Verde, in Bossa, a new Apple of Care. The Minister of Education Alejandro Gaviria was also present at the event.

“We solemnly open Block of Care number 12 in Bogotá and in Blocks of Care we make the most of the infrastructure of each settlement, this is the Campo Verde Justice Complex, here is the House of Justice, here we protect them, because nothing justifies aggression and this house should take care of you and your children,” Mayor Lopez said.

With the services of the Bosa Campo Verde Care Block, more and better options will be provided to all women and families in the area. Now, in one place and close to their homes, they will be able to enjoy the services of more than 10 entities of Bogotá City Hall.

“In our Campo Verde complex, we have CAI, House of Justice and classrooms where we will provide the flexible education service; We will also have the Ministry of Health mobile so you can be served and we invite the gentlemen of the house to learn how to care at the Men’s Grooming School because caring should be revealed and shared at home.” the president added.

The main facility of this care block is the Campo Verde Comprehensive Justice Center, a security complex that consists of 6 access to justice facilities and that with its services enables justice and protection, especially for women, girls and boys.

The Campo Verde Complex Justice Center was delivered to the community in July this year and had an investment of 74,000 million pesos, has 12,624 m2 built and 8,830 m2 of public space.

Within its facilities is the House of Justice in Campo Verde, a space where women can access the Comprehensive Care Path if they are victims of violence in public and private spaces. There they will be able to communicate these facts and receive all gender-focused care in one place.

“At the House of Justice, we have lawyers, psychologists and promoters from the Secretariat for Women who give guidance and advice to women at risk or victims of violence and promote the protection of their rights,” said Diana Rodríguez Franco, Secretary for Women.

The secretary also explained: “With the arrival of the Apple of Care, women and their families will now be able to find all the services they need to study, rest, improve their well-being and have fun in one place.”

Finally, the president announced that “next year we will open another service in this care block, which is the public laundry, and it is already working in other places.”

“Little by little, we will strengthen the various services, because before we got to the town hall there was nothing to take care of the caregivers, and in the Care Blocks we now take care of those you take care of while you study, apply for a job. programs or learn to ride a bike,” he said.

At Bosa you learn to care!

In this care block, men will also be able to enjoy the services of the Caring Learns School, a pioneering initiative in the city where they learn to care in playful and hands-on workshops.

What services does Bosa Campo Verde Care Block offer?

for caregivers

High school graduation education, socio-professional orientation seminars, legal and psychological care, training courses in alliance with SENA, entrepreneurship and formalization route, rest and self-service areas (games and recreational activities to improve the quality of life).

You will also find MujerESalud Listening Center, Community Rehabilitation Collective Care Network, UBA Mobile Care and Mobile Primary Health Care. In addition, artistic workshops, Bike School, physical activity: yoga and physical training.

Other services for caregivers are seminars on financial education for buying a home, ecological management of natural resources as an economic and solidarity strategy, and urban agriculture.

For the people they care about

Older adults, disabled or underage girls and boys can access a variety of services such as the art of self-care for girls and boys between 1 and 5 years old, elementary education – day care, school education for girls, boys and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 14 and to take care of themselves, to take care of people with disabilities.

Other services are the community-based rehabilitation network for collective care for people with disabilities; NIDOS Program – Artistic Experiences for Early Childhood. Physical activity: Yoga and fitness for adults and people with mild disabilities. To the attention of the Mobile and mobile SAB of primary health care for the elderly, girls, boys and adolescents.

For families of carers and citizens in general

Practical workshops to learn how to redistribute care work between all men and women, Men’s School: Caring is Learned and Family Reading: reading cycles that question gender roles related to care work.

Facilities of the Bosa Care – Campo Verde block

  • Campo Verde Comprehensive Justice Center
  • House of Justice
  • IED Wax Laurel
  • IED Bogota Parks
  • Forest of Dreams Kindergarten Campo Verde
  • Campo Verde Zonal Park

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