How to get rid of lower back pain?

The word lumbago is often heard and it refers to pain in the lower back. There may be stiffness in this area of ​​the body, reduced mobility and difficulty standing upright.

When this discomfort occurs, people tend to think that the best way to relieve it is to stay still and do no activity for a long time. However, according to the Library of Medicine Medline Plusthis is not so true and in fact doctors do not recommend bed rest.

If you have no signs of a serious cause for your back pain, such as loss of bowel control, weakness, weight loss, or fever, stay as active as possible.

Experts recommend that when this pain occurs, normal physical activity should be suspended only for the first few days. This helps relieve symptoms and reduce swelling (inflammation) in the area of ​​pain. However, it should not be stored for a long time. These are some of the recommendations Medline Plus.

Poor posture and walking hunched over can cause back pain. Photo: Gettyimages. – Photo: Gettyimages photo.

– Apply heat or ice to the area experiencing pain. It is important to use ice for the first 48 to 72 hours and then use heat.

– Take over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen.

– Sleeping in a hunched over or fetal position with a pillow between the legs. Experts recommend that if a person usually sleeps on their back, placing a pillow or rolled towel under the knees to relieve tension.

– Do not do activities that involve lifting heavy objects or twisting your back for the first six weeks after the onset of pain.

– Do not exercise in the days immediately after the onset of pain. After two to three weeks, exercise can be started again slowly. It is ideal to consult a physical therapist about the most recommended exercises depending on the patient’s condition.

exercises to avoid

While it’s important to stay active, it’s also important to avoid certain physical activities that could aggravate the condition. The list includes the following:

– Sports trot

– Contact sports

– Racket sports

– Golf

– Dance

– Weightlifting

– Elevate your legs when lying face down


One of the most recommended exercises for lower back pain is walking. Robert Gillanders, a physical therapist in the Charlottesville, Virginia area, quoted by the ARPP portal, an American organization that cares for people over 50, assures that there are studies that show that walking improves pain levels, reduces disability, improves the quality of life and helps avoid fear among people with chronic low back pain.

Back pain
Low back pain can have a variety of causes, such as poor posture. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

How to protect yourself from back pain?

According to the health portal Healthline, to prevent low back pain, it is important to consider the following recommendations.

– Exercise your abdominal and back muscles

– Lose weight if the person is overweight

– Lift objects correctly by bending the knees and applying force with the legs

– Maintain proper posture

– Sleep on a hard surface

– Sit in supported chairs that are at the correct height

-Avoid high heels

– I refuse to smoke

– Relax

Signs to look out for

With this condition, there are some warning signs that are important to pay attention to. For example, if the pain spreads down one leg, if the person feels numbness, weakness, or tingling in one or both legs, or if there are changes in bowel or bladder function, it is best to see a doctor.

According to Stacey Cladis, a physical therapist at Northwestern Medicine in Chicago, cited by the same source, these symptoms may be due to compression of the spinal cord or nerves. Also, if the pain persists for more than a week or prevents you from performing other necessary activities, you should not wait to see a specialist.

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