Reasons to suspend residential confinement for “Boss Boss”

The exit of Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, “The Boss of Bosses” from Condemned Jalisco State Police Station No date.

“The Boss of Bosses” was notified of the cancellation of the meeting on October 24 to replace the imposed sentence with a measure of remand house arrest.

The placement of the electronic carrier (bracelet) is planned for September 15. Felix Gallardopursuant to a new restraining order granted by a Seventh District Judge of the Federal Criminal Court in Mexico City.

During the hearing to implement the decision made by the judge in favor of Miguel Angel Felix GallardoThe National Guard has requested an extension to the implementation of an operation that allows the transfer of “The Boss of Bosses”from the Criminal Police Department of the State of Jalisco, at a private address apparently located in Zapopan.

The new inspection is scheduled eight days later (September 23). Hours before the defense of Miguel Angel Felix Gallardopresented a new writ of amparo against the alleged torture (physical and/or psychological), solitary confinement, attacks on the life and integrity of the direct complainant, related to non-compliance with the house arrest granted.


“However, it was suspended as the Adjudicator Judge granted an extension of time to the National Guard so that it could carry out the relevant operation to carry out the transfer of the said convicted person from the Jalisco State Convict Police Station to an address where he is to be admitted immediately to remain incarcerated; for which reason the twenty-third of the current month and year was appointed to celebrate the aforesaid diligence.

The new lawsuit was filed in a Mexico City court. The judge notified his colleague from Jalisco of the newly filed complaint, for which he requested that the hearing be postponed to a later date.

“Request for various reasons to set aside the specified date and time (eighteen hours on the twenty-third of September, two thousand and twenty-two), reserving the setting of new data to express the concern in question (placement of the electronic means)” .

The same day the defense of Miguel Angel Felix Gallardoexpanded the case and filed a new amparo in another court.

“Immediately, in the above-mentioned process, it was proposed to extend the action for amparo against the same authorities by which it was originally raised and for the same alleged act of psychological torture, but new facts were mentioned, which the applicant considers to be constitutive of the act he is fighting. However, in addition to the said extension, the request for an amparo interpretation of this process was encouraged by virtue of the consequences caused by the non-materialization again of the replacement of the prison sentence imposed on the direct applicant with the security measure granted.

In the analysis of the second amparo presented by the defense of Miguel Angel Felix Gallardothe judge ruled that the case should be analyzed by the last judge who analyzed an amparo appeal filed by the drug trafficker.

“Direct or indirect amparo proceedings promoted against actions of the same jurisdiction or administrative file, followed in the form of a process originating in the same procedural continuation, will be transmitted to the jurisdiction that has the last amparo process registered in the system in relation to these questions; [.] IV. When defense applications are filed or complaints are filed that relate to the same investigative case or criminal case, to the one with the most recent history of the matter.

In this case, it is the Seventh Amparo Court in Jalisco, where the appeal was filed to change the prison for the conviction of “El Jefe de Jefes” for the kidnapping and murder of Enrique “Kiki” Camarenathen Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent and pilot Alfredo Zavala Avelar in February 1985.

The decision, the judge said, was based on regulations published in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) on March 14, 2022.

“It is estimated that two of the general criteria for connection have been updated in accordance with the General Agreement of the Plenary of the Council of the Federal Judiciary, which reforms, adds and repeals similar, which establishes the provisions regarding the administrative activity of the jurisdiction bodies, published in the Official Journal of The Federation on 14 March 2022′.

Based on this criterion, the judge ordered to send to the Seventh Amparo Judge in Jalisco the two writs of amparo presented by the “Chief of Chiefs” against the alleged torture (physical and/or psychological), isolation, attacks on the life and integrity of the direct complainant in relation to the non-fulfillment of the ordered house arrest.

While the seventh judge determines the position of the two defenses, the parties may be called to a hearing to amend the protective measure.

“In this situation, what is appropriate is to leave without effect the holding of the constitutional hearing scheduled for next October 24. Form the relevant background notebook and make relevant notes in the state ledger. Reserved to provide promotions. Finally, for the time being, it reserves the right to provide what is appropriate in relation to the folio account document (…) and its folio annexes (…) and (…), and two communications with sheets (…) and (…) until the result of the return proposed in the preceding paragraphs is available to the Seventh Circuit Court of Amparo in Criminal Cases of the State of Jalisco to continue the hearing of the present amparo procedure.”

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