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On the occasion of the third anniversary of ABC Bienestar, our nutrition, fitness and psychology portal for those who make wellness their life philosophy, we collect some of the phrases that accompanied our readers over the last 1000 days. What do they have motivational quotes what makes them so cute? For starters, we tend to find a short phrase that perfectly reflects our own beliefs just when we least expect it, but when we need it most.

We like motivational quotes because we feel like our own opinions are just posted by people with writing talent that once went viral. And the right quote at the right time can make all the difference: words matter and motivational phrases they can encourage us to pick ourselves up, get through tough times, take action, stop procrastinating

to escape our comfort zone, invest in personal growth, start a business, or do the hard work that needs to be done, among many other things.

But not only famous people, many of them are no longer in this world, they served as inspiration in our daily lives, they themselves also needed other figures to overcome difficult times, to remember an important personal principle or even to get some inspiration to be more productive. In business and in normal life, quotation marks are few and far between wit and wisdom that make our mind “click” and we take the first step towards the change we seek or long for.

This person who knows what he is talking about, who is aware of the power of his words and knowledge, speaks calmly without raising his voice and without losing his temper.

what do you think about yourself what do you like most And what do you like least? We are often more aware of the opinions of others than of our own criteria and considerations.

I had to be silent, I had to listen, I had to speak. The truth of silence. The appropriate silence and the adequate silence. The silence in time. Honest conversation. To learn to be silent, to listen and, when the time comes, to speak…

Choose who needs you because they love you, not who loves you because they need you.

Loneliness can be a relief or a burden, depending on how you accept it, feel it or take advantage of it. Finding ourselves can give us the key to who is worth and who is not in our lives.

We can listen here and there, value to a greater or lesser extent what others advise us or what other people give us, but always keeping in mind that no one has the absolute truth and that opinions are not facts, but opinions. Accept them as such and your view of the world and the people around you will change…

What if we started doing everything we could to avoid having to ask for forgiveness all the time?

What are you afraid of? What do you think is your biggest resistance? Free yourself from moorings, free yourself from complexes, insecurities and people who do not contribute to you. Free yourself from what remains in your life. It’s time to carry yourself without fear and travel without extra pounds!

With whom do you appear weak and vulnerable? How do you feel after doing it? Do they welcome you, help you, comfort you, or overwhelm you, distance themselves, and belittle your efforts? Examining the reactions of people who supposedly love you when you show yourself as you feel, without shield or character, provides a lot of data about the relationship you have with those people. Very…

Being tolerant is a value in itself that you should be proud of and that deserves to be protected and cultivated. Tolerance saves lives and makes us better people…

Pride is useless… Would you like to turn it into another more productive emotion? Do it.

And that’s more than enough, don’t you think?

We spend our lives worrying. Wouldn’t it be better to deal with what we have to deal with instead of worrying about what we don’t know will happen? Here we leave this morning’s reflection.

Many of our followers connected with the “less talk and more action” message and committed to trying to worry less and care more.

Many of our followers connected with the “less talk and more action” message and committed to trying to worry less and care more.

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