Humana Significantly Expands Medicare Advantage Health Plan Offerings in 2023 With Focus on Greater Value for Members


Human Inc. (nyse: buzz) today released data on Medicare Advantage and Medicare prescription drug plan offerings for 2023, with a clear focus on benefits and support based on what members said they want and need.

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The news follows the company’s commitment earlier this year to identify $1 billion in savings to reinvest in its Medicare Advantage program and CenterWell health services.

Person ranked No. 1 among health insurers for quality of customer experience in the Customer Experience Benchmark study [referencia de satisfacción del cliente] Exclusive to Forrester, the 2022 US Plan offers a wide range of flexible and affordable plans to meet the diverse needs of the millions of people who are eligible for Medicare during the annual election period between October 15th and December 7th.

“When you add up what Humana has to offer this year, it’s as simple as that: our members spoke and we listened,” said George Renaudin, president of Medicare for Humana. “We do extensive research to ensure our changes are aligned with what users want and need. This research has led to investments focused on what the consumer wants, for example, dental coverage, which is always the #1 priority. 1, in the additional benefits for our affiliates”.

Humana’s goal as plans designed for 2023 was to provide stability or improvement in benefits for current Humana members. Humana will also expand Medicare HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) offerings in 260 new counties and introduce Medicare LPPO (Preferred Provider Organization) in 260 new counties, marking a significant opportunity to serve an additional 4.6 million people who are eligible for Medicare nationwide. This includes plans to expand Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNP) to 184 new counties. For the first time, LPPO plans will be available in California, Rhode Island and Wyoming, and D-SNP will be added in South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Medicare Advantage (Part c)

Medicare Advantage plans combine original Medicare benefits and may include other options, such as dental, vision, hearing and prescription drugs. Original Medicare included hospital coverage (Part A, which is free for Medicare-eligible people who have paid payroll taxes for the past 10 years) and medical coverage (Part B, which has premiums and deductibles and requires copayments for many services ). Medicare Advantage covers Parts A and B, plus other health and wellness benefits and services, such as routine dental, vision, and hearing care in many plans, and often includes Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D).

Many Humana Medicare Advantage plans also include predictable copays and no deductibles for many services, maximum out-of-pocket protection, and innovative offerings like fitness programs, flexible spending accounts, and transportation benefits.

Humana Medicare Advantage Updates for 2023

medicare part d (prescription drug plans)

Original Medicare doesn’t cover most prescription drugs, so people who enroll in Original Medicare must sign up for a stand-alone prescription drug plan through a private insurer, such as Humana, to cover drugs. Adding a prescription drug plan (PDP) to Original Medicare or a Medicare Supplement plan offers an important level of protection against high health care costs. Upgrading to Humana PDP plans includes:

Medicare Supplemental Coverage (medigap)

A Medicare Supplement policy offered by Humana for people who prefer Original Medicare can help pay for some of the initial Medicare health care costs (“gaps”) that Parts A and B do not pay, such as deductibles, copayments, and coinsurance. After Medicare pays its share of the approved amount for covered health care costs, the Medicare Supplement Policy pays its share of covered benefits. There are no provider networks with Medicare supplement insurance plans, and policies are guaranteed to be renewable without changing benefits annually.

Multicultural support. Humana invests in multicultural experiences to support diverse cultural norms in healthcare. With providers in other languages ​​and physician locators in other languages, multilingual sales agents, enrollment books and websites available in Spanish, Korean and Chinese, Humana focuses on connecting with beneficiaries in the language they work best – good. I understand your ability to make an informed decision about your health.

For more information. Humana offers in-person, online and phone enrollment options. All enrollment options will connect Medicare beneficiaries with a licensed sales agent. Visit or call toll-free 1-888-372-2614 (TTY: 711). Licensed sales agents are available between 8am and 8pm local time, seven days a week.

Humana has served Medicare beneficiaries for nearly 40 years, with nearly 8.7 million Medicare enrollees in all 50 states, Washington, DC, and Puerto Rico as of June 30, 2022. Nearly 5.1 million of these members are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan.

For the man

Humana Inc. is committed to helping our millions of health and specialty care members achieve their best health outcomes. Our successful track record in health plan administration and care delivery helps us create a new kind of integrated care with the power to improve health and well-being and reduce costs. Our efforts result in a better quality of life for people with Medicare, families, individuals, military personnel and communities at large.

To do this, we help doctors and other healthcare professionals as they work to provide the right care in the right place for their patients – our members. Our variety of clinical capabilities, resources and tools – such as home care, behavioral health, pharmacy services, data analytics and wellness solutions – combine to provide a streamlined experience to make healthcare easier to navigate and more efficient.

More information about Humana is available to investors through the investor relations page on the company’s website:, including copies of:

About Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage offers financial savings to members in the form of lower out-of-pocket costs and reduced premiums. Medicare Advantage enrollees reported spending nearly $2,000 less in out-of-pocket costs compared to fee-based Medicare services. Medicare Advantage plans also have limits on out-of-pocket costs. These financial protections can be essential for older Americans on fixed incomes.

Unlike fee-based Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans offer affordable prescription drug coverage. For Humana members, 100 percent of the savings are achieved through manufacturer rebates and pharmacy discount programs, which are paid back to members through lower premiums and benefit improvements.

Enrollees in Medicare Advantage plans had more than 30 percent fewer emergency room-level visits and 40 percent fewer hospital-level treatments than fee-for-service beneficiaries. Medicare. In addition to improving health, these results show real savings for people with Medicare and the health care system. Medicare Advantage plans reinvest these savings by expanding supplemental benefits, supporting providers, and coordinating care.

More information

Humana is a Medicare Advantage HMO and PPO with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in any Humana plan is subject to contract renewal. Other providers are available in the Humana network. Benefit amounts cannot be combined with other benefits. Restrictions and restrictions may apply.

The Humana USAA Honor Plan with Rx is available to anyone eligible for Medicare, and veterans should consider all of their health plan options.

Humana’s Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) Pharmacy Network Plan includes limited lower-cost, preferred pharmacies in the metropolitan areas of CT, DE, IA, MA, MD, ME, MI, MN, MO, MS, MT, ND , NH, NJ, NY , PA, RI, SD, WY; suburban areas of CA, CT, DE, HI, IL, MA, MD, ME, MN, MT, ND, NH, NJ, NY, PA, PR, RI, VT, WV; and rural areas of AK, IA, MN, MT, ND, NE, SD, VT, WY. There are an extremely limited number of preferred cost-sharing pharmacies in urban areas in the following states: DE, MA, ME, MN, MS, ND, NY; suburban areas of: MT and ND; and rural areas of: ND. The lower costs published in our plan materials for these pharmacies may not be available at the pharmacy you use. For up-to-date information about your network pharmacies, including whether there are Preferred Low Cost Pharmacies in your area, please call Customer Service at 1-800-281-6918 (TTY: 711) or see the Humana Online Pharmacy Directory . com.

Humana received the highest CX Index™ score among health insurers in the Customer Experience Benchmark study [referencia de satisfacción del cliente] 2022 USA, Forrester Exclusive. The rankings are based on responses from 12,985 people in the US measuring 17 industry brands. The exclusive survey results are based on consumer insights from their experiences with the survey brands. Forrester Research does not endorse any company included in a CX Index™ report and does not advise any person to select the products or services of any particular company based on the rankings included in such reports.


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