Deputies and specialists want a bigger budget for children; faced with shortages and adverse conditions

MPs, officials and representatives of international organizations have called for sufficient public investment to guarantee rights and reduce inequalities between children and adolescents, as the Federal Executive proposes for 2023 an increase of less than 3 percent in terms of what was practiced that year.

Within the framework of the forum “PEF Route 2023: Building a budget for children and young people”, organized by the Commission on the Rights of the Child, which for three days will analyze the federal expenditure budget for 2023, in particular Annex 18 in relation to resources dedicated to girls, boys and adolescents, participants stated that there is an urgent need to allocate sufficient funds to this sector of the population, which has been seriously affected by the austerity measures that have been implemented in public spending.

Maria Constanza Tort San Roman, in charge of the Office of the Executive Secretary of the System for the Comprehensive Protection of the Rights of Children and Adolescents (SIPINA), warned that this sector is facing shortages and adverse conditions arising from the COVID pandemic.

Luis Fernando Carrera Castro, UNICEF Representative in Mexico, said that the macroeconomic fiscal balance for children is important. “Nothing harms children more when countries enter moments of economic-fiscal imbalance; at this point inflation can be triggered and unemployment generated”.

inflation and unemployment

He pointed out that the first to bear the consequences of inflation and unemployment are girls and boys. The fiscal balance, which is guarded by the macroeconomic analysis, “is a guarantee for the protection of children”. He also announced a study on the impact on families’ pockets of seniority subsidies.

He asked what could be done to continue the budget and investment in children, since these costs of Mexico compared to other countries are relatively low. For this reason, he said, it is necessary to work together and consider how to increase this budget to reach the necessary requirement, so that children and adolescents have the budget they deserve.

Erasmus Gonzalez

Erasmo González, president of the budget committee of the Chamber of Deputies, emphasized that the proposal of the federal executive offers for application 18, intended for children and adolescents, 900 thousand million pesos, less than 3 percent of what was approved for this year.

For this reason, he said, the goal is to build a fair budget for children and adolescents; “We are aware that this is one of the most sensitive issues for society.

Commission on the Rights of the Child

The Chair of the Commission on Children’s Rights, Ana Lilia Herrera Anzaldo, member of the PRI, indicated that the analysis of the budget and Annex 18 “is a commitment that we undertake with the greatest responsibility; To talk about a budget for children and adolescents is to talk about the present and the future of the country”.

He said that the investment made in children and adolescents today translates into a prosperous, safe and prosperous Mexico; guaranteeing their rights, health care, education and overall development “depends on all of us, even more so on those of us who bear the great responsibility of allocating budgetary funds”.

“Putting children and adolescents at the center of our decisions must be the guiding axis of our actions and the implementation of any public policy. He called for the construction of a sufficient, adequate and quality budget for the benefit of Mexican children and adolescents”.


He stated that to achieve this goal, it is necessary to unite the efforts of those who work hand in hand with children and adolescents on a daily basis: federal and local authorities, international organizations, civil society, professionals and academics. “We all collect. That is why we decided to hold these forums to listen to legislation and make decisions, as this is one of the basic parts of democracy; This is the essence of Congress.

Margarita Zavala Gomez del Campo

PAN deputy Margarita Zavala Gómez del Campo confirmed that they will strive to have a budget that is more responsive to the needs of children and adolescents.

Leslie Estefania Rodríguez Sarabia, PRD lawmaker, expressed that children and adolescents deserve the will and action of all people. “A few days before the discussion of the 2023 federal spending budget, it is necessary to ensure that the children of the country have the tools and policies that generate their whole development.”

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