The MSP Health Alliance brings thousands of people together in Salinas

With huge attendance, #ExpoSaludSalinas brought health and wellness to those affected by Hurricane Fiona

Mass attendance at #ExpoSaludSalinas. Photo: Journal of Medicine and Public Health.

MSP has done it again with the largest and most important health fair in Puerto Rico for the patients and people of Salinas.

Achieved remarkable success at #ExpoSaludMSP Salinasfrom 9 a.m. this Saturday, as the largest health fair organized by the journal “Medicine and Public Health” aimed at the population affected by the passage of hurricane fionawhich in recent weeks has left the population without electricity and many areas of the country have been flooded due to heavy rainfall which, in addition to leaving many homeless, has affected public health throughout the island.

The initiative proposed by us as the Journal of Medicine and Public Health was joined by organizations such as the City Hall of SalinasThe Health Insurance Administration (ASES), the Puerto Rico Department of Health, the WIC program, the Addiction and Mental Health Services Administration (ASSMCA), and organizations such as Abbvie, Voces, the Puerto Rican Diabetes Association, MMM (We Walk Together), SurMed Medical Center , Heroes for Champions, San Lucas Episcopal Health System and the Puerto Rican Society of Endocrinology and Diabetology.

Puerto Rico’s Largest Health & Wellness Fair

According to police #Health fair there were more than 5,000 visitors in the Plaza Pública de Las Delicias de Salinaswho were able to enjoy the different environments and spaces created to take care of the health of the inhabitants of the municipality and of all affected due to the recent hurricane, with vaccination stations, primary care, triage, mental health monitoring, sampling, consultation with specialists in rheumatology, pulmonology and infectious diseases.

Health experts, health volunteers, nurses and special guests were present and accompanied us to care for citizens and patients who, as a result of the recent natural disaster, are exposed to the spread of some infectious or easily communicable diseases.

Other spaces created for patient care

Each of the affiliated entities offered their service space to ensure the health of the attendees, so with trailers and service points they provided their services from 9:00 am until after 3:00 pm. , being able to provide timely care to hundreds of people.

On the other hand, we also have the support of collaborators who, in addition to being participants, are volunteers and do their best to guarantee a pleasant space and solidarity with the residents of Salinas.

Proof of this was the participation of the “Will Group of Giants” who were present in this health brigade, leading the donation of clothes for all those who lost their homes and valuables in the floods.

The organization “Heroes for Champions” was also present, a group of volunteers characterized by their dedication and philanthropy when it comes to providing food for vulnerable populations, and on this occasion they accompanied us during the event, entertaining hearts and filling the stomachs of those most in need.

A space for entertainment and medical education

The event was moderated by hosts Nestor Manuel Marrero and Rafi Mune, who accompanied guests and attendees from morning to afternoon to ensure fun and entertainment throughout the day.

The event was attended by the mayor of SalinasKarilyn Bonilla, who welcomed the guests and also thanked the Journal of Medicine and Public Health for doing such a commendable job in caring for and ensuring the health of the municipality: “despite the fact that we were one of the most affected by the floods and of hurricane fionaMany blessings have come to us from all over Puerto Rico. One of them is that activity that brings us joy, brings us service.”

Likewise, Dr. Edna Marin Ramos, current executive director of the Administration for Health Insurance (ASES), accompanied the event from the Ministry of Health and confirmed the support of these entities always for vulnerable communities: “we remain committed to you We are in ASES under your command. You are loved from the bottom of my heart, enjoy this time that is yours with lots of love and affection.”

This health fair also featured a show for the entertainment of attendees featuring Juan Gabriel impersonator, Eddie Ramirez, who enlivened the morning with his music; followed by Suzete Bako’s Stand Up with her dear and realistic character “Doña Soto” who came to cheer the community and offer her art as relief to the affected families.

On the second day, Puerto Rico Win!, led a space for recreation and entertainment that had the active participation of the entire public. They also delivered part of the equipment and money to those previously registered in the dynamics proposed by the company. Several people benefited from this work of solidarity and empathy.

Educating patients on medication management during emergencies

Dr. José García Mateo, endocrinologist and former president of the Puerto Rican Society of Endocrinology and Diabetology (SPED), closed the afternoon of this health brigade, providing important information to diabetic patients who, faced with an emergency like the one in Puerto Rico, they do not know how to handle medicines or they have no knowledge of the optimal conditions for their storage, use and getting the most out of them in difficult times.

Thank you to the contributors and attendees

The quality of realization and execution of our event would not have been the same without the support of each of the people who attended and actively participated in the largest health fair in Puerto Rico.

Therefore, we thank everyone for trusting us and making us see that only an original communication environment, specialized in medicine and public health, can be sensitive to the pain of its people, support them in their needs and highest aspirations.

At the Journal of Medicine and Public Health, we are moved by true love, inexhaustible dedication, and hopes for prosperity. With this great event, the faces of children, women, men and the elderly smiled again and believed that a better future was possible.

To our readers; your preferences and the good reception of this and previous events encourage us to continue building spaces of empathy, help and love appropriate for the Puerto Rican and Caribbean community.

Thank you all.

May the mission always shine on the faces of our people!