Students were looking for careers with quick job openings

The multitude of offerings for students flourished at the Youth Fair over the three days it ran. The young people were advised and guided by various professors from higher institutes and universities based in our city.

The call to students from the last years of the secondary and technical schools of Corrientes was a complete success, as various topics of interest to prospective students or students were touched upon.

Some of the teachers from the various institutes spoke up and noted, “What we were looking for was to offer the children options so that they could continue to study in the city without having to go far from their relatives,” but that was not was the proposal that they were most interested in, since “they asked us if they had to pay for the competition, to which we reminded them that they are free to access, but that they have quotas due to the capacity of our classrooms”, emphasized the teachers in a dialogue with the weather.

In this report, we detail not only the proposals for the institutes but also the forces that have also offered their options in this important exposition.

They offer face-to-face courses

Professor María Medina from the Higher Institute of Social Services “Remedios Escalada de San Martín” talked about the opportunities offered by the institution for students who will enter the first year. “The institution teaches five very important professions for young people, they are four-year social work, nursing, social communication, education and road safety, and finally infrastructure and information technology, which are taught at Santa Anna headquarters and the other four races are dictated in Capital, in Irigoyen 2145”.

He emphasized that what they offer the students is “to be able to run all the competitions in person, both theoretical and practical. The boys are very close, they carry brochures where we give them the necessary information about the moment they have to advance register, which is implemented through the SIMA system’.

Finally, he said that “technical courses have 29 subjects in their curriculum and social work 39.”

QR to see the huge education offer

The Ministry of Education of the Province of Corrientes also presented its stand at the Youth Fair during the three days. María Rosa Araujo of the Directorate of Titles explained at the time that “we certify, register and legalize the titles of the entire province at the secondary level and non-university higher level.”

He was with Professor of Education Martin Toniola, who presented a QR code to access the Administrative Modular Information System (SIMA). “By going in there, they have access to all the careers that depend on the Department of Education, like a teacher or a technician.”

Toniola explained that careers “in the case of teachers last four years and in the case of technical degrees three years.

Free races at the Llano Institute

Professor and biochemist Lila Salerno commented at the time on the educational offers she offers for 2022 graduates who want to enter the Higher Institute Carmen Molina de Llano. “The annex dictates a higher technical degree in bromatology, a higher technical degree in midwifery and a higher technical degree in sanitary agents and health promotion, while the central house offers a higher technical degree in library science and software development and gastronomy,” he explained. the teacher

The lecturer commented that “all majors are three years long, face-to-face, with hours from 6.20pm to 11pm” and that students had asked them where to get more information about the degrees, to which she replied: “You can find it on Instagram, Facebook and the institute’s page”.

“Registration will take place between the last days of November and the beginning of December, online, through SIMA and with a capacity of up to 40 students. There may be a waiting list, which will depend on the number of students who take the folders,” Salerno detailed, highlighting what most students want to know about free careers. “Only the cooperative is paid as an administrative procedure. The first thing they have to present is a “certificate of physical fitness, which must be issued by a health facility, secondary education and we give them a deadline to take up to two previous subjects they have left from secondary school. They want for all careers, too and for those with the greatest job prospects”.

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