Chocoteritos boys and girls experienced the International Fair of Coffee, Cocoa and Agritourism

Around 360 boys and girls lived the experience of chocolate from its origin to the final product in a guided tour full of activities and many tastes called CHOCOTERITOS, the space for the little ones to participate in the Second International Chocolate Fair Coffee , cocoa and Willa agritourism.


Neiva, October 2, 2022 The Government of Huila Crece wanted to connect minors to the 2022 International Fair of Coffee and Cocoa with a space designed so that they can learn firsthand about the entire process from the history of cocoa to the final products produced in the region, a tour with many entertainment activities and of course a tasting of the product, which for children and adults becomes an irresistible delicacy.

The fair, located in the facilities of the “José Eustazio Rivera” convention center and the “La Vorágine” fairground, welcomed all Huilenses residents and foreigners who wanted to know about the products not only in terms of cocoa, but also about coffee and its production, marketing, modernization and all that the process implies for farmers and producers.

On this occasion, the children were able to live this experience up close, as explained by María Paula Rodríguez, leader of Chocoteritos, “we proposed this chocoteritos experience to our governor, Luis Enrique Dusan López, because considering a very similar experience that we had in the city of Bogotá, he decided to identify some resources so that this experience could be brought here in the city of Neiva for the children, a lot of publicity was made, an invitation was opened for the children to enroll, this invitation was opened four years ago days and yesterday it was already closed, but also if there are children who want to enter and who are not registered, we have some quotas so that they can have this wonderful experience from the corn to the delicious chocolates”, he pointed out.

There are 6 stations that little ones can go through in approximately 120 minutes and where they learn from the origin and history of cocoa beans to how the final products are made, guided by experts, where children will be able to enjoy the delicious chocolate and also thus develop recreational activities.

María Paula Rodríguez tells the route: “we can find 6 stations, the first station is called “to discover its origin”, where we will show the children a cacao pod, which is the fruit that grows on the cacao tree. cacao , they are shown the fully covered pod, then they are shown an open pod where we can see their husk which is white like cotton, after the husk they will be shown some cocoa beans where the whole process of fermentation and drying is explained for to reach the cocoa almonds, with these almonds it is explained to them that the delicious chocolates they will taste in this wonderful experience are made; We continue to a second station called Choco Historia, there we talked that when Christopher Columbus arrived in America, they were given a drink by their ancestors called “the drink of the gods”, he liked it and this chocolate or these seeds took them to Europe and there they are now they make the best chocolates. We then move on to another station called Transforming Flavors where kids will draw or paint a cob of corn and their hand with chocolate. We proceed to a mini tasting where they will taste a fruit with marshmallows and strawberries to realize the different flavors that chocolate gives when mixed with other products. We continue to another station called Let’s Remember Together, there we will make them, through games, a series of penances or questions according to what the children saw during the tour, we continue to the last station which is photos and memories there is also the image of chocoteritos , which is a corncob with a hat and boots and is quite happy for the children to take pictures, we have a place for the parents or children’s companions, we have a cocoa tree animated with sweets, we have flowers, we have their chairs, their tables and many chocolates to try”.

Various producer groups and associations visit the fair and are grateful for this place to teach children, as Alejandra Izquierdo expressed it: “I come from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, I am a member of the Arahuaco people and also in the Sierra we grow cacao and coffee even today we are here at this fair, sharing and getting to know the different cacao species, also the different coffees in the country, we come from an association of agro-ecological, local and rural producers Asoale and today we come with the children so that they also learn to share, so that learn that there are different ways of preparing and growing cocoa and coffee in the country, we liked it a lot because it is a very well-known fair, also because we found this place for children very important,” he said.

The participants of the fair also appreciated the space for children: “I am Yerry Medina, Huilense coffee producer and I am happy to have participated with my son in chocoteritos, as it promotes love and value for the Colombian countryside and agriculture, thank you very much”.

The tour will be available until today, Sunday, October 2, and the general public can learn and experience first-hand this fair, which materialized as a way to give a boost to the Huila peasant and his important work in the development of a growing Huila.

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