Why did the government of Antioquia close some services at the General Hospital of Medellin

Why the services of the General Hospital in Medellin closed

The General Hospital of Medellín received in September the visit of a group of officials from the Sectional Secretary of Health and Social Protection of Antioquia, in accordance with their powers of inspection, monitoring and control. “This in accordance with the regulations that govern the Unified Habilitation System, in accordance with the provisions of Resolution 3100 of 2019, Resolution 2003 of 2014 and other regulations established in the field of health care,” according to the standard.

After the inspection carried out by the competent authority and irregularities found, some of the services were closed, pending the corresponding correction of the remarks made. Hospital General de Medellín continues to provide its outpatient services.

The services that will not be provided temporarily are: closure of two operating theaters because there are not enough stretchers for recovery, the skin transplant service, coronary tissue transplant, an office is closed and an order has been issued that three more offices are needed for outpatient procedures.

The Secretary of Health of Antioquia, Ligia Amparo Torres Acevedo, made statements to the public regarding the visit to the General Hospital of Medellin to review the compliance with the requirements to authorize some services of the institution. In this regard, he indicated that the government of Antioquia and in particular the Sectional Secretariat of Health is working to improve the delivery of health services by various public and private providers.

We are committed to the quality and well-being of the population within the monitoring and control functions, we have planned visits to the various providers of mandatory services, but in turn there are also visits for the purposes of complaints or requirements of control subjects who seek these visits to review legal compliance with the basic minimum health service authorization requirements to ensure risk minimization in attention and so we completed the visit to the General Hospital of Medellin“, announced Ligia Amparo Torres Acevedo.

The Secretary of Health of Antioquia, Ligia Amparo Torres Acevedo, made statements to the public regarding the visit to the General Hospital of Medellin to review compliance with the requirements to authorize certain services of the institution

The health secretary also clarified that the visit report is not yet complete: “We have a certain time to ask for it, which does not mean that there is a general impact on the provision of services to the said entity, once it is corrected, in the measures of part of services that were subject to partial closure, it is possible that the measures will be dropped, and all this in favor of preserving and preserving the quality of care for health services,” the secretary emphasized.

For its part, the General Hospital of Medellin indicated that several observations made by the said departmental unit have already been corrected and specified that some recommendations related to administrative matters are procedures that are corrected immediately. Likewise, other measures relate to services that have not been provided for several years, such as skin transplants.

“We are aware that we will resolve the observations in the shortest possible time and we are already working in this direction. We appreciate these early warnings, which are given within the framework of the inspection of health services, plans for continuous improvement and improvement that do not affect their provision, so that patient care is guaranteed to be safe, timely and effective”, announced the General Hospital of Antioquia .

Finally, they stated that they will continue to work together with the Sectional Secretary of Health and Social Protection of Antioquia for the contribution he has made to the hospital, as its goal is to grow as an institution and strengthen the provision of health services.

The door is open to all healthcare organizations to continuously improve and work as a team for the well-being and health of Antiochians. United, we work to provide the best care for our users, patients and their families. The General Hospital of Medellín ratifies its commitment to provide decent, humane, safe and quality services, a task it commits to in its daily work“, reported the hospital.


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