“We’ve trained more than 14,000 people with the new parenting guidelines,” Erica Sierra Quiroga in 360

The Social Manager and First Lady of the Municipality of Envigado, Antioquia visited us to talk about the recognition of the Bogotá Games and Childhood Corporation.

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360 radius:

Both you and Mayor Braulio Espinosa were recently recognized for your commitment to children. It was last Wednesday, although we had not had the opportunity to ask him about the events that took place in the capital of the republic, in Bogotá, receiving national recognition from the Corporation for Games and Children, where his commitment to attract mothers, fathers and caregivers to reject the physical punishment as a way of teaching girls and boys, in addition to promoting the right to play.

Tell us not only how you feel, but also how you worked to reap the fruits that are reflected today.

Erica Sierra Quiroga (ESQ):

Happy for the recognition, but also with an intact commitment to continue working for the children and adolescents and for the families of Enviga, teaching them the new guidelines of parenting, breaking the paradigms of violence that have been formed in families for many years and there are respectful ways of parenting.

We do it from two flagship programs we have in the Municipal Administration: Envigado trains with love and Envigado plays with love. We encourage these different ways of relating between parents and children, carers and children or adolescents, because we not only see parents caring for their children, but also grandparents, uncles, brothers and other families of our children and adolescents, that’s why we teach them these parenting guidelines, so that you not only talk about changing your relationship with your children, but also teach them how to do it.

When we tell parents that there are other ways to connect, that’s one of the big questions because they connected to them through violence. Indeed there are other ways that have been proven internationally and these are different breeding methods; From there we do it in experience workshops within the municipality, by playing with ÍNDER Envigado in all the activities we do in the toy libraries, in the sports events, in the clubs that we have within the municipality and we have already had more than 14,000 souls formed with these new parenting guidelines.

We contribute to our territory, to our municipality of Envigado, by giving this knowledge to families and inviting us to treat each other differently. This is where the recognition of the Play and Childhood Corporation comes from, because we help families through play to adopt new ways of relating to each other, but also through training, teaching these families to set boundaries with their children and adolescents through respect and dialogue and not abusing children.

Primary caregivers thank us so much for this because we really give them parenting tools.

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In this tenth edition, 30 governors committed to children were recognized, including the municipal administration Together We Add for Envigado, highlighting the innovative and sustainable actions that have been implemented to strengthen education with love and care, as well as the right to play, not only through the great tribute experienced in the month of April, but through different strategies implemented so far this year.

Now the social manager of the municipality of Envigado, following this line that has allowed them to work and take care of children, should continue to be the motto, which, although it does not aim to achieve achievements or recognition, is an example of local, departmental and national.

What do you think about it?


We have a resilience plan and so we are doing it from our capacity in the municipality of Envigado, we are preparing people in the administration so that we can continue to work on these issues so that we can continue to strengthen families. We are very grateful for the support of the Ministry of Education, of ÍNDER Envigado, but also of other ministries that have joined these strategies.

At the end of this year 2022, we hope that all employees of the municipal administration have passed the course and are certified by the Ministry of Education in these parenting guidelines, in respectful parenting for children and adolescents, because everyone in our families and even in our environment we are related to children and adolescents.

If at some point someone does not have children, he sees that there will be a violation of the rights of the children and adolescents around him. That’s how we can act.

Our commitment is to maintain the program, to have sustainability over time and for families to be able to continue to receive even more training or even start this weekend with the Early Learning Congress; We will talk a lot about neurodevelopment and how abuse affects their social-emotional development.

I invite the community to participate in these spaces, to use these tools, because we have them in our municipality within the reach of all Envigadeños and they are completely free.


Loving parenting was to say this slogan from the municipality and they became references, as mentioned. Now, do you as a social manager and your team receive any reports or complaints about the abuse that the children of Envigado end up receiving? What can you share about it?


We are contacting the family police stations, the Security and Coexistence Secretariat, because that is where these types of complaints are received. What we do is generate these impacts from the family police stations on the victims who are the children when they suffer this kind of violence, but we also impact the people who generate this violence through courses and workshops that we give them and also and by influencing the family police stations to introduce them and let them know that these tools exist within the municipality and that from there we can also influence families who have had some kind of violence against children and adolescents.

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