Two years later, more than a thousand boys and girls are still without light

The blackout in Madrid’s Cañada Real Galiana neighborhood since October 2020 has created a situation of vulnerability and risk that violates the basic rights of children of more than a thousand boys and girls what do they live there The UN has already described the government’s response as irresponsible and requested the necessary measures to urgently restore the electricity supply to the affected families.

One of the residents of Cañada Real is Yaiza, who said in an interview that her children are ashamed to go to school because “sometimes when they are doing their homework they get stained with candle wax and when they go to class the next day there are boys and girls asking them where the stain came from“. Yaiza’s eldest son asks her many days why they have electricity at school and “we don’t at home”.

“Two years later, after experiencing extreme situations such as storm Philomena in January 2021 without electricity to heat their homes, or this summer’s heatwaves with no means of cooling food, these children and adolescents begin new course. extreme situation. “We continue to face clear violations of children’s rights, such as the right to education and health care, also condemned by the Committee on the Rights of the Child and the Ombudsman,” Save the Children said.

Huda Akrikez, spokesperson for Light Now platformexplains that “if the boys and girls had hope, even if they were from Cañada Real, with the problem of light they were given prevent them from being able to carry out their studies normally like every kid in town & rdquor ;.

Despite the continuous mobilization of the neighborhood associations, which convened various concentrations during these two years with demands for access to electricity and contracts for families, solutions continue to seem distant. For Save the Children, the script is “urgent and rdquor; in order to avoid in the coming months, before the onset of winter, “serious situations reoccurring” like that of Lina, the three-year-old girl connected to an electric respirator who had to be evacuated urgently last winter when she froze the machine that supported her alive.

This episode was not only experienced, but also, as Huda recounts, “there has been one death, many hospitalizations due to butane gas poisoning, hypothermia, frostbite symptoms and there have been fires in the homes themselves“.

More than 47,000 signatures to get light

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Save the Children delivered this week more than 47,000 signatures collected to the Madrid government delegation responsible for coordinating the Interdepartmental Commission for Cañada Real and for dialogue with the community of Madrid and the three participating city councils (Madrid, Rivas-Vacciamadrid and Coslada). so that the distribution of energy is restored on fair terms for all families, giving priority to those with sons and daughters with greater needs.

This is indicated by the organization the possible relocation of these families in the future “cannot paralyze the resolution of this violation of rights and it is necessary to explore other ways of solution from the legal and administrative instruments of the public administration” so that more than 1000 boys and girls have access to light and their basic rights.

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