Reforms approved to guarantee the rights of women and girls in Guerrero

Drawing/Quadratín Guerrero

CHILPAZINGO, Gro., September 29, 2022 – The State Congress approved a package of reforms and additions to various legal systems to ensure women and girls have access to a life free of violence and to equal opportunities between women and men.

According to the bulletin, according to the opinion of the reforms and additions to Article 25 of the Law on Women’s Access to a Life Free from State Violence, resulting from an initiative presented by Deputy Ana Lenis Resendiz Javier (PAN), Deputy Patricia Doroteo Calderon, in her capacity as a member of The Gender Equality Commission has indicated that the actions that state and municipal governments must take to prevent, address, punish and eradicate harassment and/or sexual harassment in the workplace, as well as administratively sanctioning superiors in the hierarchy of the abuser or stalker, when they fail to receive and process a complaint of this type, or favor its withdrawal.

In addition, they should promote training, seminars and courses aimed at identifying behaviors that constitute all types of violence against women, especially in the workplace and at school; promote economic development that promotes access to employment and education without violence and harassment and/or sexual harassment, preserving at all times their human dignity and respect for their rights.

In the opinion on the reforms of Article 44 of the same law, managed by the Joint Commissions for Gender Equality and the Rights of Girls, Boys and Adolescents, a product of the initiative of Vice President Julieta Fernández Márquez (PRI), Vice President Gabriela Bernal Reséndiz, President of the first governing committee, indicated that it aims to solve a serious problem that girls live in the poorest regions of the state, protected by practices deeply rooted in the usages and customs of the communities.

The decree establishes that the state system for preventing, dealing with, punishing and eradicating violence against women must ensure that the customs and practices of local communities, as well as those of society as a whole, do not undermine, limit or violate the human rights of women.

In addition, it must eradicate any act or practice that degrades, undermines the dignity and human rights of girls, including those based on traditions, usages and customs that result in the sale of girls, forced marriages and exploitation in any from their forms.

In basing the opinion on reforms in the Law of Equality between Women and Men of the State of Guerrero, proposed by the deputy Ana Lenis Reséndiz Javier, the deputy Gloria Citlali Calixto Jiménez indicated that the priority approach is for the state policy to be based on this principle and lead, as part from its goals, tasks and actions, participation and effective equal representation in public positions.

The above implies ensuring the equal participation and representation of women and men in electoral candidacies, in decision-making positions, in the appointment and determination of responsible positions that belong to public entities, and establishing actions leading to the achievement of equality. political, social and cultural sphere.

Likewise, campaigns will be implemented that promote the employment of women and promote equality in the labor market, both in the public and private spheres, as well as the equal participation of women and men in political and socio-economic decision-making positions .

Finally, it was created to ensure the equal participation and without discrimination of women and men in the processes of selection, hiring and promotion in the state career service of the legislative, executive and judicial power of the state, as well as in the autonomous public organizations of the state. condition.

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