What is “aesthetic gynecology” and how can corrections be made without going through the operating room

A decade ago, when we were looking to change our face, body or intimate image, the usual thing was to resort to plastic surgery. Today, advances in medical technology have given freedom to alternatives that are further and further away from the scalpel. GALAS, a non-invasive aesthetic medicine clinic in Barcelona, ​​specializes in the care, health and beauty of women without the need for surgical intervention.

At the head of GALAS are doctors Enriqueta Garijo and Alba Salas, two educated women with extensive experience in gynecology and aesthetic medicine of the body and face, who recently decided to unite their efforts, professionalism and vocation to materialize them in this new clinic focused on the face and intimate beauty.

“Non-invasive” aesthetic medicine is possible thanks to technological advances

Enriqueta Garrijo and Alba Salas, founders and doctors of the GALAS clinic, explain what the term “non-invasive” means in the framework of aesthetic medicine: “When it comes to fighting the signs of aging or removing facial wrinkles, there are two ways to do it within of aesthetic clinics: with surgery or with non-invasive medicine”, they comment, emphasizing that “aesthetic medicine is an alternative to going through the operating room”, because “non-invasive” means exactly that: safe, fast and efficient aesthetic treatment that avoids intervention on the scalpel. “This is something that has been and is possible thanks to technological advances,” they emphasize.

Non-invasive facial aesthetic medicine treatment at the GALAS clinic


Aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery: which is the most suitable?

Aesthetic gynecologists from GALAS comment that before undergoing a change of the face, body or intimate area, one must know the differences between the two practices, since they are two different tools that pursue the same goal: “While aesthetic medicine uses techniques of minor interventionism and on an outpatient basis, cosmetic surgery uses practices of greater interventionism, usually by going through the operating room and even with admission to the hospital. Both techniques help a person see better, according to doctors, but that “non-invasive aesthetic treatments do not require subsequent recovery time, nor do the risks normally associated with surgery exist.”

In the same way, the two founders of GALAS believe that aesthetics will increasingly move away from the scalpel when the restoration of the appearance, the restoration and the correction of the signs of aging can be carried out without invasions or aggressions, painlessly and without risk to physical health. They also add that “this is why it is so important to turn to a professional aesthetic clinic, with a qualified medical team, to avoid known aesthetic disasters and not to harm our health”.

Behind GALAS: two enterprising women

Dr. Enriqueta Garrijo

Dr. Enriqueta Garrijo


Dr. Enriqueta Garrijo

She is a physician and specialist in gynecology, aesthetic medicine, regenerative aesthetic medicine and assisted reproduction. Having completed extensive research in the fields of health and beauty, including aesthetic, regenerative and anti-aging medicine, Dr. Enriqueta Garillo has more than 20 years of experience in the field of women’s health, both in the public and private sector, and has accumulated various professional awards in recent years years. With the ambition to continue providing knowledge, techniques and helping more women continue to feel beautiful, she decided to open a specialized aesthetic clinic together with Dr. Alba Salas.

Dr. Alba Salas

Dr. Alba Salas


Dr. Alba Salas

She is a physician and specialist in gynecology and human reproduction, aesthetic medicine and regenerative aesthetic medicine. She completed specialized training at the Complutense University of Madrid in aesthetic medicine, anti-aging, aesthetic, regenerative and functional gynecology and female cosmetic surgery. Since the beginning of her career, she has attended numerous national and international seminars and courses to complete her training in regenerative gynecology and laser, and has worked in various reference centers in Barcelona and Madrid. Her vocation, efforts and professionalism encourage her to start a new professional stage together with Dr. Enriqueta Garrijo.

GALAS, specialized in aesthetic gynecology

Aesthetic clinics usually offer face and body rejuvenation procedures – fillers and face lifts, thread lifts, hyaluronic acid, peels… – but there are also those that, in addition to offering these procedures, specialize in aesthetic gynecology. This is the case of the GALAS clinic, which engages in treatments to restore or improve the appearance and functionality of the vaginal area, for simple aesthetics or because after stages such as childbirth or menopause they age and atrophy: “Thanks to intimate medicine, women can regain the appearance, sensitivity and functionality of their vaginal area and regain security in their sexual relationships”, and comment that ideally this can be done without surgery.



The advantages of aesthetic and regenerative gynecology without surgery

Gynecological health is becoming increasingly important among women, which is reflected in a constant and significant increase in the demand for aesthetic gynecology – up to over 50% in recent years.

GALAS doctors say that gynecological aesthetics solves both functional and aesthetic problems: “promotes more satisfying sexual relations – because the gynecological laser tightens the vaginal wall – prevents vaginal dryness, corrects the symmetry of the lips, solves urinary incontinence…”, all this without undergoing surgery, but with a gynecological laser or hyaluronic acid.

There is a constant and significant increase in the demand for aesthetic gynecology: up to more than 50% in recent years

However, in the aesthetic gynecology sector, “not all that glitters is gold”, because the fight against taboos and stereotypes in the sector is still there. They explain that “these treatments currently go beyond the banal or the superficial,” adding that “they provide solutions in functional and morphological changes.”

In short, Dr. Salas and Garillo are proud and motivated to continue working in women’s health and care, this time at the GALAS Clinic. In addition, they send an important message: “There are many alternatives for the beauty of the face, body and intimacy, but what is really important is that women feel good about themselves, about their health and appearance, without taboos, without stereotypes. or interventions aggressive in the middle”. Because “feeling good is possible without having to go through the operating room.”


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