Technology is transforming the lives of children and adolescents in Casanare

Claro and Claro por Colombia, the company’s sustainability strategy, continue to connect thousands of Colombian men and women in all corners of the country, especially in the most remote and rural areas of Colombia. For this reason and with the firm intention of continuing to transform their lives with technology, they come to Casanare with its pillars of coverage, access and digital ecosystems and social inclusion.

In terms of coverage, they launched 4G technology in 22 new rural towns in Casanare: El Amparo and La Patimena–El Refugio, from Yopal; Las Palmas, Las Enramadas, Llano Grande, El Porvenir, Manare and San Nicolás, in the municipality of Hato Corozal; Los Chochos and Bocas del Aputo, in Trinidad; La Riverita, San Rafael de Guanapalo, Barquereña and El Palmar de Guanapalo, in San Luis de Palenque; Canalete, Las Gaviotas, Elvecia, La Motuz and Cañadotes, from Paz de Ariporo; Brisas del Llano, from Monterey; La Poyata, in Mani; and Caño Blanco, in Sabanalarga, benefiting nearly 4,000 residents who have access to high-speed mobile internet for the first time. Similarly, in the coming years, Claro will connect 10 more cities in this department, positively impacting more than 9,100 people.

In addition to these, Claro has 4G coverage in all the municipal centers -19- of Casanare, allowing its residents to have more capacity and speed to connect from their mobile phones, access commercial networks, learn online and be closer to family and friends.

“We are convinced that technology is a powerful tool for transforming life. Our goal is to improve the quality of life of Colombian men and women by connecting their dreams with all the benefits that connectivity brings. With 4G mobile internet, the residents of Casanare have access to new and better digital opportunities for education, employment, entrepreneurship, commerce, health and online entertainment from their mobile phones,” said Maria Consuelo Castro, Claro’s manager for Colombia.

Likewise, Claro also reaches Yopal with fiber, taking advantage nearly 60,000 homes and businesses to access the Internet at higher speeds, as well as television and fixed telephony.

Photo: Claro Colombia.

On the access front, Claro por Colombia, with its Connected Schools initiative, continues to connect the country’s educational communities with more and better opportunities. In Casanare, the technology rooms of four educational institutions are connected to free internet: Liceo Gustavo Matamoros León, Colegio Alianza Pedagogica, The press release Megacolegio El Progreso and Carlos Lleras Restrepo, located in Yopal, benefiting more than 3792 students, of which 1977 are women, 441 they were migrant students of Venezuelan origin and 303 were victims or suffered from forced displacement.

“Thanks to Connected Schools, a Claro initiative for Colombia, these four educational institutions now have connectivity so that their students can access free, virtual educational content that allows them to strengthen their skills and knowledge. Our goal is to connect a new educational institution to free internet every week and thus improve their educational processes in the context of social and digital transformation,” said Castro.

With the pillar of digital ecosystems and social inclusion, Claro por Colombia recommends to the residents of this department the use and consultation of the thousands of virtual and free content for education and additional training for employment and entrepreneurship, available on digital platforms and free programs developed by the Carlos Slim Foundation: Train for Employment, and PruébaT. At Casanare, about 1,164 people have accessed content and more than 7,900 have strengthened their skills and knowledge through the Capacítate para el Empleo platform.

Casanare attending the Claro Cup for Colombia

Photo: Claro Colombia.

The fourth edition of the Claro Cup has begun for Colombia, which seeks to transform the lives of more than 3,200 children and adolescents through technology, education and sports. In this new version, in Casanare around 264 participants from Yopal who are also students from Connected Schools, Colegio Alianza Pedagogica and Megacolegio, they learn with football as a means of strengthening their life and digital skills. The initiative also reaches Atlantico, Bolivar, Choco Guajira, Antioquia, Risaralda, Caldas, Cauca, Tolima, Casanare and Meta.

The Claro Cup for Colombia was developed under the Football With Heart methodology, which seeks to give children and adolescents the tools to make better decisions in a highly vulnerable context, as the field is where their dreams come true. This is with the sponsorship of Huawei and the support of the Bavaria Foundation and his fair play methodology.

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