Pablo Rodriguez flees to San Luis

More than 900 participants from all over the country will give life to the 42nd Jose Maria Pedrol National Athletics Championships between today and next Sunday in the capital city of San Luis.

RIO GRANDE.- Rio Grande do Sul’s Pablo Rodríguez will be there in the 35 to 39-year-old category (preliminary veterans), competing in three track events: at 4:00 p.m., 5,000 meters; at 8:00 on Saturday, 1500 meters; and on the last day 10,000 meters.

Rodriguez, who trains with the Coghlan running team – under the guidance of Professor Fernando Champomier – represents the Circle of Veteran Athletes (CAdAV).

save by today

On Sunday, October 2 (start, 11:00) the 22nd will be held. edition of the test “30 months Anniversary of Aire Libre FM”, over 10 kilometers, plus an additional 3 km., and the usual speed races from the age of 4 (for the last two activities they will sign up on the same Sunday, from 9:00 to 10:30, in a club San Martin).

It will start in front of the headquarters of this organization (O’Higgins 46), and for the main test you sign up at the station itself (Antartida Argentina 850, around the corner from the club).

Today will be the last day to register from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00. Those interested must submit a certificate of physical fitness, and the registration fee is $1,000.

Likewise, athletes from Ushuaia and Tolhuín who wish to participate should register by calling Jose Toranza (2964-502103). The first 150 registrants will receive the appropriate t-shirt.

in Ushuaia

On Sunday the 25th, a new edition of the Test of Independence of Chile took place, over 12 kilometers, organized by Nehuen Pullu Athletics, dependent of the Association of Residents of Chile “Gabriela Mistral”. Locals Dario Guzman and Cindy Rios prevailed. The attached list shows the overall ranking and by category, with times and averages.

Proof of Chile’s independence

P/Athlete Cat. Represented by: Brand Prom.

1. Dario Guzman-May 1 Free 46:40 3:53

2. Victor Marchisio PVt-1 Mara Trail 46:52 3:54

3. Christian Aranda VtB-1 Pizza and Pasta 48:39 4:03

4.Nelson González May-2 Yakaré Aust. 49:47 4:09

5. Eduardo Monaco VtA-1 Arbe RT 50:30 4:12

6. Javier Godoy VtC-1 Core Gym 53:32 4:28

7.Alejandro Parson VtC-2 Free 53:55 4:30

8. Francisco Avalos VtD-1 Free 54:09 4:31

9. Cindy Rios May-1 Ferte Team 54:25 4:32

10. Victor Delgado VtA-2 Fénix RT 54:35 4:33

11. Jaime Molina VtB-2 Free 54:39 ​​​​​​​​4:33

12.Oscar Domínguez VtB-3 Free 54:45 4:34

13. Javier Vasquez VtB-4 Free 56:39 4:44

14.Pablo Vidart VtC-3 The HB-MB 57:47 4:4:49

15. Matías Díaz VtA-3 Yacaré Aust. 58:52 4:54

16. Elba Morán VtA-1 ADN/Kotaik 59:21 4:57

17. José Cano VtD-2 B° Park 1:00:00 5:00

18. Marcelo Pereira VtD-3 Famatina 1:00:26 5:02

19. Eduardo Saldivia-May 3 Rio Grande 1:01:19 5:07

20.Eliana Díaz VtA-2 Free 1:02:52 5:14

21. Jeremías Melo Juv-1 The HB-MB 1:05:51 5:29

22.Maxi.Cuevas VtA-4 Free 1:06:06 5:30

23. Antonio Ojeda VtB-5 Los Cortez 1:06:29 5:32

24.Fátima Quirino VtA-3 Free 1:07:54 5:39

25. Kevin Campos VtB-6 Free 1:11:29 5:57

26. Jorge Melo VtA-5 The HB-MB 1:12:38 6:03

27.Celia Veloso VtA-4 Free 1:13:08 6:06

28.Emanuel Agüero PVt-1 Wait xLV 1:21:00 6:45

Speed ​​of winners: Guzman 15,428 km/h; Rivers 13,231 km/h.

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