MindFit, the platform that changes the concept of corporate health

Almost half of the employees in the world are in a situation of work stress, which negatively affects the productivity of companies and organizations, which translates into annual losses of more than a trillion US dollars, according to the World Health Organization.

Well-being in the work environment not only increases productivity, but also affects talent retention, reduced sick leave, as well as the quality of customer service, creativity and leadership.

For this reason, MindFit was born, a complete digital platform, both in web version and mobile application, which offers solutions for mental well-being, personal, professional and leadership development, focused on companies, organizations and individuals.

MindFit helps create personal and professional change by working on mental health, fostering teamwork, social connections and a sense of belonging, and promoting real and measurable results. Ultimately, each individual is helped to be more engaged, more productive and more resilient.

This platform was founded by three Spanish entrepreneurs, Juan Carlos García-Cordero, Javier Cacho and Nestor Romero, with extensive experience in the technology, business, academic and research sectors, both in Europe, America and Asia. In the words of MindFit CEO, Juan Carlos García-Codero: “We have succeeded, for the first time in Latin America and Spain, in democratizing access to mental health in corporations. We cannot allow our region to suffer from one of the biggest workplace stress pandemics in the world.”

MindFit promotes personal and professional development by providing a unique opportunity to embark on a journey to become the best version of yourself.

But how does MindFit work, what makes it special? After each employee is registered, a comprehensive personal assessment is carried out through scientifically validated questionnaires and tests supported by artificial intelligence, which will be the basis for deciding what the goals are and the path chosen to achieve them. After the assessment, the platform automatically generates a report that assesses each employee’s needs and strengths in order to provide a personalized plan for mental and emotional well-being. This personalized plan will give access to MindFit Digital Library content, as well as individual and group sessions on coaching or psychological therapy.

According to Javier Cacho, co-founder and CFO of MindFit, with extensive business experience in the Americas and Asia: “We know that artificial intelligence is changing the world. So we wanted to take advantage of the great progress in machine learning so that, for example, each MindFit user receives personalized suggestions about content to view or coaches to select for individual sessions. Furthermore, what is not measured does not exist, and for this reason, with Business Intelligence models, we provide relevant data for business decisions through powerful dashboards within the platform”. Therefore, from the MindFit admin panel, a detailed analysis of the use of the tool is provided, as well as the development and impacts obtained with each of the individuals or companies that benefit from this powerful platform.

Through the MindFit platform, every user will be able to choose in a very easy and fast way which coaches and other professionals that best suit your goals. The coach will support and accompany you in changing possible perspectives, as well as in activating resources and personal opportunities for growth and development. The platform will automatically recommend relevant articles, podcastvideos and other digital resources from the Digital Library, as well as certified courses online taking advantage of microlearning within the company.

The methodology used by MindFit has been created and validated by experts and researchers from various business, technical and human disciplines, applying the results of the latest research in the field of human behavioral science and psychology.

According to Nestor Romero, co-founder of MindFit and with extensive academic and research experience in major universities in America and Europe: “Scientific knowledge in areas such as neuroscience, well-being and mental health, physical activity or nutrition, has multiplied recently. recent years, but not all of this knowledge has penetrated society. For this reason, at MindFit we have selected the most relevant content and always scientifically validated”.

In addition, thinking about the community, the platform has another service called “MindFit Rounds”, which offers a wide variety of webinarseminars and virtual events related to physical and mental well-being.

It is also important to highlight the creation of the MindFit Institute, a collaborative center for education and international research committed to raising awareness, understanding and improving human well-being and development. Its members include professionals, academics and researchers who collaborate in various research and development programs in many countries around the world, in areas such as leadership, happiness, motivation, stress, business performance or neuroscience, among others.

According to Juan Carlos García-Cordero, CEO of MindFit: “We are convinced that personal transformation and emotional and mental well-being is an important step to increase the efficiency and productivity of companies and organizations, as well as to improve the quality of life in general . Therefore, what drives us most every day to work on this project is to help improve the world.”

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