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-On Wednesday, September 28, the fifteenth edition of the FAMFEST International Family Theater Festival, organized by Centro Mori and which this year will take place between October 8 and 23, begins.

-On the occasion, Andrea Pérez de Castro, director and manager of the meeting, announced the program, which includes 27 works, national and international, with the motto #TeatroparaNiñosyNiñasdeHoy

-The grand opening will take place on October 8 in La Pintana.

FAMFEST celebrates 15 years of life in 2022, a trajectory that has not been easy, but in which the importance of the performing arts in the development of the imagination of children and adolescents has been highlighted. Andrea Pérez de Castro, director and leader of the initiative, emphasizes that “we are convinced that theater is an important educational instance in the task of human development, which is why the themes that are presented are also very relevant.” For this reason, in this edition – which will take place between October 8 and 23 – the big theme is inclusion and the motto #TeatroparaNiñosyNiñasdeHoy

The performance featured a scene from The Love Story of an Old Soul, winner of the Third Jorge Díaz Playwriting Competition for Children and Adolescents organized by FAMFEST, which features Delfina Guzmán and Eduardo Baril in its cast. The play deals with the relationship between a grandfather and his granddaughter, and the importance of making amends and asking for forgiveness.

In addition, a violin trio from the Municipal Music School “Enrique Soro” from the Municipality of Kilikura participated.

The Mayor of Quilicura Paulina Bobadilla; the mayor of Lampa, Ciriaco Díaz; the Counselor of the Spanish Embassy, ​​the Director of the Cultural Corporation of La Pintana, Veronica Tapia; and his Quilicura peer Mauricio Novoa.

The program of this version of the festival includes 23 works selected at the national level and four at the international level (Spain, Argentina and Ecuador). everything

they will take part in the second cycle of FAMFEST school campaigns, which looks at cheap tickets for students. In addition, there are 4 regional plays, puppet theater, text theater-dance, puppet theater, marionettes, shadow theater and storytelling.

There are nine halls that will host the performances: GAM Cultural Center, Camilo Henríquez Theater, Fine Arts Amphitheater, CEINA, XX Century Workshop, Mori Bellavista Theater, Mori Recoleta Theater, Mori Vitacura Theater and Mori Parque Arauco Theater. As every year, Extension is one of the main areas of the festival and this year it will be held in the municipalities of Quilicura, Lampa and La Pintana.

The opening will be in this last municipality on Saturday, October 8, declaring itself the capital of girls, boys and teenagers. Claudia Pizarro, Mayor of La Pintana, states: “I am happy that my municipality is participating in this fifteenth version of the International Family Theater Festival, FAMFEST, which Teatro Mori organizes especially for girls and boys. At La Pintana we have verified that culture is a powerful engine of social transformation and, as

municipality, we continue to work to give access to it to our community and opportunities to develop the talents of the community”.

In the Inclusion Zone, 10 relaxation features (designed for people with sensory difficulties, on the autism spectrum, with learning disabilities and other special communication needs), features with sign language interpretation and a tactile tour (TT) will be planned. “The idea is for FAMFEST to reach all boys and girls, which is why this axis is a major concern of the festival. Inclusion in all its forms is one of the values ​​we want to promote, thinking that we are working with human beings who in the future will decide the fate of our planet”, says Andrea Pérez de Castro.

This area is complemented by an international workshop on SeñanteS Puppets (puppets that speak in sign language) for teachers, puppeteers, artists, sign language interpreters on stage, education professionals and/or mental health professionals; and Relaxed Functions Workshop aimed at artists, programmers, researchers, managers, people from the professional field of performing arts.

Since the distribution of productions is a fundamental point of decentralization, this edition of the festival will convene the 3rd Expoescena, a meeting place for national and international programmers, which will take place between October 19 and 22.

In the area of ​​artists, FAMFEST will feature two training workshops for local artists. One of them will be an international workshop on sign language for cultural mediators.

In 14 years, FAMFEST presented more than 1,300 performances between free and paid, there were 80 premieres, 161 repeats, 42 international productions, 76 workshops, 6 seminars, 2 Expoescena for national and international programmers, 3 dramaturgical competitions with 2 editions of winning texts, 14 virtual workshops, 25 capsules of audiovisual stories and also reached different cities and municipalities in Chile. In total, he called more than 280,000 people.

Closing 15 years of FAMFEST will be a great civic party at GAM on October 23rd. In this regard, its director points out: “The festival is about to come of age with the certainty of collaborating in the comprehensive education of new generations”, concluded Andrea Pérez de Castro.

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