Pediatric Security: The Pediatric Control Card and the Importance of Using It – Eme – 09/28/2022

In this new column we decided to refer to pediatric control chart.

You may be wondering why, when there are other important issues, we need to talk about this? And the answer is simple: it is a document that is very valuable, both for parents and educators of children, and for pediatricians and family doctors who supervise them. It has a record of the personal history and her health approach that extends from birth, even before it, and up to 12 years of life.

A few days ago from Department of Public Health Childhood Programthe introduction of the new card was made with the consent of the authorities, which we hope will be available no later than November to be distributed to all maternity homes and delivered to newborns before discharge from hospital.

It is also true that their children will continue to use the one they currently have, but for others, those born when it was available, it will be the one in which the major milestones of growth and development will be recorded.

Many years have passed since these first children’s cards, to which two others were later added for children with trisomy 21 or Down syndrome.

On this occasion, those that were separated were integrated into one, since there are data that are common to all of them, but also support differences that need to be highlighted.

Knowing that the risk factors for Non-infectious diseases they begin during pregnancy and the habits acquired in the first years of life will be those that will be maintained through adolescence, young adulthood and adulthood.

Taking this information into account, this edition takes into account the mother’s weight before and after pregnancy, her eating habits and the recommendations of breastfeeding for the first 6 months along with appropriate supplementary feeding thereafter.

A healthy eating as quantity and quality, along with adequate physical activity at the appropriate time and intensity, are essential to becoming a healthy adult.

Concepts were included humanization during birth because they are fundamental in the relationship with this newborn. Prevention measures are repeated not only by safe sleep but on unintentional injuries this can happen if we do not take proper care of them and it is the responsibility of the adults in charge.

The prematurity This is very common in our environment and the growth curves of these babies, which are different from those born at term, were also added.

Added the new immunization card with the changes that were made during those years, which were undoubtedly many and fundamental in the prevention of diseases that deserve the surplus, preventable by vaccines, many of which thanks to them were eradicated in our country, but not in the region and others that, although not to protect against the disease, they prevent its severe forms.

The physical activity capacity that pediatricians and family physicians must fill out each year also has important changes, including questions that must be asked not only about the child’s signs and symptoms, but also family and personal history that can guide the pediatrician to carry out other tests or recommendations and permanently or temporarily limit the performance of physical activity to their performance. prevention sudden death in sports was also considered.

This was interdisciplinary and inter-institutional work involving key actors in the care of boys and girls, Departments of Pediatrics of the Faculty of Medicine of UdelaRon Uruguayan Society of Pediatrics and the various committees of the same, to which were added the programs of the Department of Public Health.

This new card is an interesting product which, now in paper format and hopefully in electronic format in the future, will benefit all of us who have the responsibility of caring for children in these early years of life


Alice Fernandez.  Photo: The country

Coordinator of the program area “Childhood”.
General Directorate of Health

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