Only one Colombian clinic is included among the 200 best hospitals in the world

Reference image. Valle del Lili is among the best hospitals in the world.

The portal Newsweekin partnership with the statistical firm Statisticallyfound that from the health emergency arising from covid-19, the medical centers experienced 2 very busy years, full of challenges and experiences, which in some cases allowed them to improve a number of aspects for the benefit of patients. For this reason, both companies decided to compile and evaluate which are the best hospitals in the world, and among the 2,200 evaluated institutions, a Colombian one was among the 250 finalists.

The Lily Valley Foundation It was ranked among the top 5 clinics in the region and ranked 149th in the world, a recognition that highlights its work during the pandemic, in addition to patient care processes.

“According to the experts who helped guide the results of our annual ranking of the world’s best hospitals, this meant learning to adapt quickly to new and existing challenges and to improvise on the fly (…) Many medical institutions are have struggled with these and other challenges over the course of the pandemic, but what sets the world’s leading hospitals apart is their continued ability to provide the highest quality patient care and conduct critical medical research even as they focus on fighting COVID .” Newsweek points out in the foreword to the list, in this fourth edition.

Experts involved in the compilation of the ranking expressed concern over the lack of medical care personnel in the world, especially in the field of medical care. In addition, of all the challenges that transformations mean in different hospital areas, for example turning normal beds or rooms into spaces for Intensive care unitsor in a very rudimentary way to adapt ventilators, even anything that means biosecurity inputs.

“Many lessons can be learned from COVID, such as recognizing the effectiveness of virtual meetings, appreciating the importance of hospital hygiene and emphasizing the importance of generalists over isolated specialization. The biggest challenge was the joint establishment of individual priorities for a common goal,” emphasizes Dr. Christoph Meier, who was part of the team of analysts.

For this reason, they emphasize that the best hospitals after these two years are those that have managed to have better communication, allowing greater speed in carrying out their work, making a difference, the compilation says, compared to other institutions that were much more limited during the unforeseen circumstances.

Newsweek emphasizes that for this year, except Colombiatwo other countries made the list, Saudi Arabia Y United Arab Emirates. The United States has the most hospitals in the ranking (33), followed by Germany (14), France (10) and South Korea (8).

The Lily Valley Foundation It was ranked 149th out of 250 listed, a redoubt that remained after the analysis of 2200. The best placed was Mayo Clinic, followed by the Cleveland Clinic and Massachusetts General Hospital. At the regional level, the Hospital Iraelita Albert Einstein, Sirio Libanes and Moinhos de Vento, the 3 Brazilian ones, are best positioned, followed by the institution located in Cali and others from Mexico are following, such as ABC Campus Santa Fe Medical Center.

“The aim of this study is to provide the best, data-driven comparison of the reputation and performance of hospitals across countries. We hope this will be beneficial not only to patients and families seeking the best care for themselves and their loved ones, but also to hospitals benchmarking themselves against their peers during a period of unprecedented change,” said Nancy Cooper, Newsweek editor.


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