[Noticias] For the first time, Bogotá will host BIAPI

The Regional Institute of Arts – Idartesthrough his Nests programpresents I International Biennial of Art for Early Childhood in Bogota – BIAPI from 8 to 31 October 2022, an initiative that brings together the best of music, theatre, visual arts, public space and academia for boys and girls in the early years of their lives, their educators, artists and others who care from the topic. Studies, workshops, concerts, works and guests from Italy, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and more, in addition to the return of the festival babies in the parkwhich this year will have the special appearance of a new version of literary picnicwill be part of these 23 days special program for adults and children.

“We have a social and educational commitment with this event. We are sure that art is a privileged way for the overall development of the human being, so we want caregivers, educational agents, citizens and all adults who are part of the daily life of girls and boys to participate in this event. so we can learn about their desires, anxieties, their stories, imaginations and the ways they know the world… our world,” says Liliana Martin, General Manager of Nests program.

Schedule for everyone

This version of BIAPI It consists of five components. The Academic, which will feature 23 presentations on art, development and diversity, early childhood performance and music; the production of multimedia content and the use of new technologies, literature and stories for this stage of life and the provision of appropriate physical spaces for girls and boys. In addition, there will be 22 workshops on artistic and cultural creativity, management and production related to children. It will include interventions by academics, artists and agents from the cultural sector, such as Cecilia Attan and Federico Visconti, Teresa Rotemberg, Paula Bosio and Juan Gedovius, among others.

The stage and musical will feature national and international artist groups and collectives, including Colombian singer-songwriters Marta Gómez, María Mulata and María del Sol Peralta and the Latin Grammy Award-winning group Tu Rockcito for Best Latin Music Album for children 2021 with his production Your little philharmonic rock. In addition, the various groups of Nests program and the winners of the 2022 Early Childhood Music and Performing Arts Dissemination Grant from Idartes.

In the Street Interventions component, Nidos community artists will be in different parts of the city sharing with girls, boys and their carers in public space. For lovers of plastic arts, in Fund for economic culture exhibition will be held Create, play, feel…an intervention space for the whole family that brings together the artistic proposals of the Spanish Escola Imaxinada and Createctura, the Colombians Zorro + Conejo and an installation of Nests program.

Furthermore, Cinematheque in Bogotá This will be the place for a microcircuit that includes the projection of different content from Argentina, Chile and Colombia, as well as an artistic experience that can be enjoyed in the Rayito de Nidos artistic laboratory.

The exclusive event of this edition of BIAPI this will be the return of the festival babies in the park on Sunday, October 9, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the Children’s Zone of the Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park, a free event with all the power and creativity of Festivales al Parque, specially designed for girls and boys between the ages of 0 and 5 years and the whole family. This year, a special guest at the festival will be literary picnic of the Literary Department of Idarteswhich will ensure a day filled with games, fantasy and imaginary worlds that only literature allows.

All programming details for this event, done in conjunction with district secretary of education, Colsubsidioon Bacata de Funza Cultural Centeron Fund for economic culture and on Gabriel García Márquez Cultural CenterIn addition to supporting the Ministry of Culture of Colombia and more than 10 other allies can be consulted here.

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