Lidl is introducing this electric bike in the midst of the petrol crisis

Public transport and the car are two of the common means of getting to work in our daily lives. But more and more people are encouraged and choose other modes of transport that are Environmentally friendly, as is the case with electric bicycles. The best of these electric bikes known as e bicyclesis that not only are they rolling around town, but there are other models that are 100% ready for mountain use.

The German brand Lidl knows this need and for this reason has included in its catalog an ideal product for all those who want to be encouraged to use this type of product. All this to a more than a low price. If you want to know all Lidl electric bike features and how much it might cost you, we advise you to keep reading.

This is the Zündapp electric bike that Lidl has put up for sale

Lidl is a supermarket known for offering many useful products to consumers and a the cheapest price. In fact, they recently relaunched a food processor that was already a big sales success. But this time we want to talk to you about a product that will help you stay in shape: a electric mountain bike

The Zündapp Z801, as this Lidl model is called, has a 250W motor located in the hub of the rear wheel and powered by a battery integrated into the frame it offers 418 Wh autonomy. All of this is mounted on sturdy 27.5” wheels.

As for the distance you can travel with it, you should know that The autonomy of this motorcycle is up to 125 km, although this will vary according to the unevenness of the ground over which we move. In addition, we must keep in mind that it has a limited speed of up to 25 km/h and has an acceleration mode to facilitate driving with it.

Therefore, it is a very useful product that can make it easier for us to move comfortably and climb mountains at lightning speed. Besides, it can easy to load through a USB port in a period of only 5 hours.

Finally, this bike also features led screen where we will be able to visualize all the information about the routes we perform in the usual way and with 24 gears. More than enough features to start using it in town and country.

As you can see, this is a very interesting product that can help you move more comfortably and safely on uneven terrain like those in the mountains. All this for a price 899 eurosmore than €1,000 less than its original price.

After all, it is a a great offer you should take advantage of in case you are thinking of getting this type of bike.

Lidl e-bikes

Some of the lidl electric bikes are the ones we show you in the photo, so as not to distort the article, we only focus on the mountain model.

lidl e bikes
lidl e bikes

Advantages of using an electric mountain bike

The rise of electric bikes continues to grow and they are even gaining ground in models designed exclusively for rolling across the rough terrain we find in the field and on the mountain. And you will surely ask yourself what are the advantages of using an electric mountain bike? Here we reveal some of them:

Lidl Electric Mountain Bike

1. Suitable for all levels

This means that if, for example, you go with a group of friends to spend a day in the mountains with your bikes and you are a beginneryou don’t have to worry about not having the same physical fitness as them, because thanks to the electric mountain bike you will be able to maintain the same pace and speed as them without having to try harder.

2. It helps you climb hills

The best thing about this type of electric bike is that it will help you climb to the top of the mountain barely broke a sweat. You’ll also move better over terrain that’s uneven, rocky, or full of leaves and branches.

3. You will descend the slopes of the mountains more safely

Going down a mountainside is much more dangerous than going up. You have to be very careful and watch the speed at which you descend. With an electric bike, you will get off more safely thanks to the fact that its center of gravity is lower for the presence of an electric motor.

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