Celtic girl names and their meanings

The arrival of a new member in the family always brings joy, and choosing a name is always one of the biggest concerns of parents, as they want it to be unique, original and with a special meaning for their baby. If you’re expecting a baby, these Celtic girl names might be to your liking.

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Celtic girl names and their meanings


This name is the Celtic variant of the name “Alice”, meaning “noble” or “nobility”.

Alanis / Alanis

It is the feminine version of the name “Alan” and means “precious”.


This is one of the names with a lot of symbolism in Celtic culture, as it comes from the sound alun, which has the beautiful meaning of “harmony”.


Language and culture experts say that this name has several origins, many authors say that the real one is Celtic and that it means “attractive” or “graceful”.


It is one of the most popular names today thanks to the Lord of the Rings franchise, its beautiful meaning is “noble maiden” or “fair”.

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It is the feminine form of “Brand” meaning “sword” or “battle shine”. This is a very common name for girls in Ireland because for them it symbolizes strength, triumph and authority.


Brianna is a female name that is derived from the name Brian, meaning a strong or strong woman. Among its variants we can highlight Breana, Bryana, Brianna or Brianne.


The beautiful meaning of this Celtic name is “strong woman”.


It is the name of the goddess from Irish mythology who represents the power and passion of fire and poetry.

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This is a name derived from Kayley, meaning “narrow and thin”.


This name derives from Drusus, the name of a Roman family that comes from Celtic elements meaning: “strong” or “one who strengthens”.


It is the variant of the name Helen, which means “beautiful as the sun”.


It is a variant of Eithne, from Irish Gaelic meaning “seed” or “grain”, and which to the Celts also meant “little fire”.


The magical meaning of this name is “she who has life”.


It is the Celtic variant of Eve, meaning “pleasant or pleasant”.


This name became popular thanks to the movie “Shrek”. Its meaning is very special: “white”, “pure”, “innocent” and “pure”.

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Derived from the Welsh ‘Gwenhwyar’ meaning ‘white wool or white as sea foam’. It is a variant of Genoveva, which is also a name of Celtic origin.


This beautiful short and original girl’s name means “narrow and wooded valley”.


These are variants of Gwendolyn, meaning “sacred ring” or “she with the white eyelashes”.


It is derived from the Old English word ‘Haesel’ meaning ‘walnut’ or ‘hazelnut’.


It is a variant of Geneva and Genoveva, meaning “of great spirit.”


This name can have different meanings, the most popular are: “wise woman” or “the greatest champion”.


It means “sacred garden”. It can also be used as a name for children.

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This name also has several meanings, the most popular being: “nymph”, “idol” or “little beauty”.


It comes from a Welsh sound that can be interpreted as “guardian of the sea”.


Muriel is a traditional Irish name; derived from muir, “sea” and geal, “clear, bright, shining”. This is the woman “bright as the sea”.


It is a name of Irish origin, coming from Celtic (originally Sheelag), its magical meaning is “one who lives on high”. But there are those who point out that its real meaning is “music”.


It is the name of the goddess who makes water flow in Celtic mythology. It can also be written “Syria”.

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