A cardiologist performs the first medical consultation in the Aimedis metaverse

Aimedis, the first city dedicated to health in the metaverse and with its own hospital, conducted the first real-time medical consultation on a Metaversian platform. Cardiologist Ioannis Skalidis treats a 30-year-old patient with severe chest pain in a private room in the Aimedis metauniverse. The success of this cardiology consultation conducted via digital avatars demonstrated for the first time the viability of the metaverse as a telemedicine platform, Aimedis explains.

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Presented in Barcelona

The achievement was presented at the Congress of the European Society of Cardiology, held last August in Barcelona, ​​and was simultaneously published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology. The project was carried out by Dr Skalidis and the cardiology teams at the University Hospitals of Heraklion in Greece and Lausanne in Switzerland.

After an examination in the cardiology department of the University Hospital of Lausanne (Switzerland), the patient was sent home. However, since he did not have an accurate diagnosis, Skalidis assigned the patient a private room in the Aimedis metaverse, along with a portable D-Heart device to care for in case of new symptoms or discomfort.

Aimedis, the first health city in the metaverse, will open a hospital in 2022

Metaverse and Medicine in Aimedis

The metaverse medical device was able to perform a completely safe and reliable hospital-grade electrocardiogram (ECG), providing real-time data. In this way, when the chest discomfort reappeared, the patient could be examined in a very short time. The results of an electrocardiogram (ECG) taken with the D-Heart machine were normal, so Dr. Skalidis was able to reassure the patient. In this way, the metaverse is revealed as a very useful tool for patients who live far from hospitals.

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digital avatars

Skalidis explained that this first health consultation in the Aimedis metaverse was done in real time and that he interacted with the patient in the same way as in a normal consultation. both andThe patient and the doctor interacted all the time through their digital avatars. In the consultation, both had personalized access to the Aimedis platform using VR headset.

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The applications of Metaverse today are countless. Although the concept of Metaverse was born a long time ago, primarily used in the field of video games, technological advancements place this technology as one of the great global trends that attracts companies from all sectors.

Metaverse and 5G

Aimedis, founded in 2017 by Dr. Michael J. Kaldash and Ben O. El Idrissi, announced in February this year its partnership with Meta Health, a Singapore-based health technology company, to build virtual medical cities. As reported by Meta Health, the plan is to build virtual spaces so that medical professionals can open and hire medical practices. Another goal is to connect with virtual medical cities in other parts of the world so that patients can get second opinions from accredited specialists. Meta Health emphasizes that the interoperability of health data associated with the deployment of “5G”, with numerous smart city projects in Asia, will provide a large market for the services of medicine in the metaverse.

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Countries without medical infrastructure

Aimedis was born as an eHealth platform powered by blockchain technology to transform and improve patient care. The aim of the platform is to provide an engaging space for patient-doctor interaction to provide the appropriate treatments in an easy and flexible way. Within this metaverse dedicated to healthcare and clinical hospital care, patients can attend consultations, exams and appointments in real time. Proposals like Aimedis’ can play an important role in countries that lack adequate health infrastructure to serve the population.

Patients from all over the world

At the end of December last year, Aimedis announced the construction of the first virtual city dedicated to health: Aimedis Health City. There is an Alpha Hospital in this virtual city; a space where therapy sessions, consultations, doctor visits and patient interactions will take place. Aimedis also has educational spaces for private and professional practices for pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, insurance companies and more.

The Metaverse of Aimedis Avalon

The Metaverse of Aimedis Avalon

Aimedis is designed to treat patients from all over the world. It is currently available in 11 languages ​​and plans to integrate many more in the future. Today, the Aimedis metauniverse integrates NFT tokens to manage patient medical data and to sell and buy scientific data in its metauniverse. It also has its own token called AIMX based on Binance Smart Chain. To this day the metaverse Aimedis implements a non-public decentralized blockchain where it stores and manages data and information.

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Hospitals in Korea and Emirates

Following the success of Aimedis, other hospitals have already announced the opening of clinics in the metaverse. That’s the case with South Korea University Hospital, which last August announced its association with medical service provider Deltoid to serve patients from around the world in the metaverse, according to the Korea Research Center-EU.

A month earlier, in July, Thumbay Group, a United Arab Emirates company specializing in healthcare, also announced its intention to open a hospital in the metaverse. Its intention is to create immersive remote consultations with doctors from different specialties so that patients can choose doctors from anywhere in the world. According to Arabian Business, the idea is to have the hospital operational in October.

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