51 Popular American Girl Names

Want to find out what are the most popular options among parents of one of the world’s great powers? We tell you.

51 Popular American Girl Names

Last update: September 28, 2022

The United States is one of the most powerful countries Worldwide. So it’s no surprise that many parents feel captivated by the choicest options in this part of America. If you want to know what are the most popular baby girl names in the United States, don’t miss the top picks list.

List of the top popular names in the United States for girls

According to birth data from the United States Social Security Administration website in 2020, the following 51 options are reflected as the most chosen by American parents. target!

Popular American names, A to B

  1. Abigail: its origin is from biblical Hebrew. That is, it comes from the term ab (‘father’) in combination with gil (“happiness”). Which would mean “the joy of the father.”
  2. Addison: It comes from Adam, the first man created by God. In this sense it refers to “the daughter of Adam.”
  3. Amelia: a girl’s name of Germanic origin meaning ‘work’.
  4. Anna: in Hebrew it alludes to the girl “charitable, compassionate, and full of grace.”
  5. Aria: of Greek origin, its meaning is “very holy”.
  6. harpist: it probably comes from the harp, but its origin is unclear.
  7. dawn: of Latin origin, alluding to “dawn”.
  8. Ava: comes from Hebrew and refers to “the one who gives life”.
  9. Avery: he is the “chief of the elves.”
Since the United States is one of the most influential countries in the world, many parents tend to choose names originating from this part of America for their daughters.

Popular names in the United States for girls, C to E

  1. Kashmir: is a beautiful place name as it refers to the Indo-Pakistani region of Kashmir.
  2. Camel: comes from Latin and means “one who is before God”.
  3. Charlotte: This is one of the names that have become more fashionable today. It comes from French to denote a female “warrior”.
  4. Chloe: its Greek origin carries the valuable meaning “green grass”.
  5. Helen: also of Greek origin and alluding to the “torch”.
  6. Eliana: comes from the Greek god Helios. Hence it means “sun” or “morning dawn”.
  7. She: this precious name will come from several German denominations that carry the element but meaning “other”.
  8. Eli: is one of the variants of Helene. That is, it would have the same meaning as Elena.
  9. Emily: Derived from lat Emilius, meaning “one who makes an effort” or “one who is very industrious”.
  10. Emily: is the English version of the previous option. No doubt, a beautiful name and worn by great writers and artists.
  11. Emma: comes from German and refers to the girl who is “universal”.
  12. Evelyn: in Hebrew it refers to “the one who gives breath”.
  13. Everly: The origin of this name is English and its meaning is very strange. It refers to one who comes “from the boar’s prairie.”
  14. Scarlett: refers to the color red. Thus, it symbolizes the girl who will have a lot of individuality and strength.
  15. I wake up: It is of Latin origin and alludes to the “morning star”.
  16. star: In the same vein as the previous name, this name for girls will make any parent looking for an option to fall from the sky fall in love.

G to M Girl Names

  1. Gianna: alludes to the “heavenly messenger” or “angel.” This is an Italian version that has achieved great popularity in America.
  2. Grace: of Latin origin, comes from thanks and hints at who is “nice”.
  3. Ivy: refers to a creeping plant that has yellow flowers and comes from Old English.
  4. Isabel: in Hebrew it means “oath to God”.
  5. Isabella: in accordance with the previous variant, this is one of the variants of the name Isabel.
  6. Island: This girl name is of Scottish origin and comes from an island. In this sense, its meaning alludes to “queen of the Hebrides”.
  7. Kinsley: in English it alludes to “the end of spring”. Therefore, if the baby girl was born at this time of the year, this is a perfect option for her.
  8. Laila: comes from Arabic and means “night beauty”.
  9. Read: comes from Hebrew and alludes to the girl who is “melancholic”.
  10. Eleanor: Derived from a French medieval proper name, Alienor. In this sense it was introduced into England in the middle of the twelfth century in honor of Eleanor of Aquitaine, a strong and powerful woman like the animal to which it refers.
  11. Lillian: it is a derivative of Elizabeth, alluding to the little one who is “pure as a lily.”
  12. Lily: contains the same meaning as Lillian.
  13. Lucy: comes from Latin and means “bright and shining”.
  14. moon: in reference to the satellite orbiting the earth, this name alludes to the “brightness” that the little one on its way will have.
  15. Madison: comes from English and refers to the “good daughter”.
  16. Honey: It is of Slavic origin. In this sense, it means “a woman loved by men.”
The name Olivia comes from the olive tree, which in ancient times was a symbol of peace. This is the name for a girl that is chosen the most by American parents.

American names, N to Z

  1. Nora: on the one hand it is believed to be the Gaelic variant of Leonora. On the other hand, some experts point out that it derives from the Arabic noria.
  2. Olivia: comes from the Latin word olives, What does “olive” mean? The olive tree was a symbol of peace in ancient times. For this reason, the baby girl with this name is called “peaceful” or “the one who protects peace.”
  3. Penelope: comes from the Greek term foam, meaning “she who weaves good cloth” or “dark woman”.
  4. Riley: this English variant and unisex which has become so fashionable refers to the “rye reader.” Isn’t that the most original thing?
  5. Willow: This is one of the most natural names on this list because it refers to the tree itself that is called that.
  6. Sofia: Derived from the Greek and thus defined as “one who has wisdom.”
  7. Victory: comes from the Roman goddess Victoria and symbolizes the girl “who triumphs over evil”.
  8. Violet: Derived from lat viola and designates the little one who is “humble.” Of course, it also alludes to the purple color of the flower itself.
  9. Zoe: of Greek origin, it refers to “a woman who is full of life.”
  10. Zoe: This is one of the most beautiful and preferred variants of Zoe by American parents. Isn’t it wonderful?

The hidden beauty behind popular names for girls in the United States

Each year, the US Social Security Administration (SSA) list reveals the latest data on the names that trendiest parents are choosing. Among the girls, Olivia triumphed as the most chosen. It is a name adorned with the beautiful color green.

Undoubtedly, more and more parents choose original and modern names for their little ones, but without neglecting their roots. And you? Are these options overwhelming? we read you

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