The seven simplest oppositions to finding a permanent job as a civil servant

Whether it is because they do not have a trade, a completed higher education or cannot find a stable job, along with case studies, more and more people choose study opposition for got a job as a civil servant and secure a professional future. Before you seriously consider who to apply for, you should consider the academic requirements required, the regularity with which they are used, the number of places or the salary.

But besides all that there is some are simpler than others, particularly for curriculum to prepare, although these usually have more applicants for the seats. Below are some of the simpler oppositionsmost of them require only Compulsory secondary education.

State Administrative Assistant Public Examinations

This is considered by many to be the easiest option to be a civil servant. To apply, you only need to have a compulsory secondary education degree. Also, the subject is not extensive (28 songs) and are used regularly. The exam is approx one exercise divided into two parts: the first is a theoretical and psychotechnical test questionnaire with 60 questions; the second, an office knowledge test.

Oppositions against a guard

IN health branch, is one of the most accessible because they are called and often. As competences in the field of health care are transferred to the autonomous communities, the selection processes vary from one to another. But there are general characteristics for selective processes: a minimum requirement is to have Compulsory secondary education, the subject has between 15 and 25 topics and are invoked by competition-opposition, with one mandatory team exercise.

Opposition to Nursing Assistant Technician

Also in the health industry, the assistant position is one of the most sought after. But in this case, yes prior degree required as a Nursing Assistant Technician (Vocational Training) or First Degree Vocational Training title in your health branch or equivalent. The theory of preparation for the exam consists of: 30 and 60 topics and depending on the autonomous community it can be one or more compulsory exercises.

A man employed after receiving a job offer.

Oppositions against Correos

this opposition meets regularly, so it’s a good option to keep trying until you get the spot. They only require Compulsory secondary education and the theory consists of 12 themes. The number of seats is usually large. The oppositions are national and general, although the will is distribution of vacancies by province, with Barcelona and Madrid offering the most seats to date. Full-time or part-time work and meeting existing employment needs are included.

Opposition to subordinates and employees

Powers depend on each autonomous community, so selection processes vary from one to another. As general requirements, it is necessary to have Compulsory secondary educationon Topics range from 10 to 20 and are convened regularly. Taking care of facilities, serving the public in municipal offices, delivering mail or assisting other high-ranking employees are some of the functions of subordinates.

A boss gives money to an employee.

Opposing the army

The simplest are the basic squares, for troops and sailors, which is available as soldier or sailor (although it may also be available as an NCO or an officer). Oppositions consist of the following two phases. The first competition-oppositionin which general, academic, and military merit are assessed, in addition to passing a qualifying examination. The second phase consists of three tests: that of physical fitness, that of personality and medical examination.

legal aid

In the area of justicethis is the opposition simpler, Although it is essential to have Spanish nationality To appear. It only requires Compulsory secondary education or equivalent, the agenda consists of 26 topics and the competition-opposition consists of two compulsory exercises: a test of 100 questions and the solution of two practical cases. The Legal Aid Corps is responsible for the direct support of the Litigation Management and Processing Corps.

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