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The judge of Domestic and sexual violence 1 by Oran, Adriana Maidana Vegaordered the removal of Elizabeth Quinterosin charge of devices My Little Home and Don Bosco’s Home from the city of Oran, for child and adolescent abuse.

Vega ordered this professionals from the Victim Support Service of the Public Ministry and the Medical Service of the Judiciary to visit these facilities and check the general condition of the children and adolescents accommodated.

In his ruling, the judge ordered civil police detention for a period of ten days in these devices. A source consulted by Salta/12 said that the former manager already has no approach at both establishments, but on Saturday he called on the phone to instruct the operators about the food and how to instruct the children and youths to declare.

In this case it intervenes on Oran’s Disability Advisor 1, Gladys Reynoso, on behalf of a teenage girl hosted on one of the devices. The girl is 16 years old, she received the help of a classmate’s mother to reveal the physical and mental abuse she experienced in the homes by the person in charge. The counselor condemned “serious episodes” of harm to this youth and other children and youth housed in these facilities.

The source, who preferred not to be named, said the person in charge of the homes is now attorney Romina Tapia Y He believes that he should also be removed, as well as the psychologist and the social worker, whom he pointed out as accomplices in the abuse that is being done to children and adolescents, as well as to some of the operators who protect them.

The judge said that the threat or violation of the rights of children and adolescents in the family gives the opportunity to dictate protective measures by the administrative authorities. “This case is about a delegated guardian who, because of the day-to-day treatment and trust in her custody, is equated to family treatment, and at the mere suspicion of child abuse, protection must be urgent and effective,” he said.

It turned out that boys, girls and teenagers would testify in Gesell’s cell. As detailed, there are various complaints in the case, including from the home operator and the woman who wants to adopt the 16-year-old. Also family judge Ana María Carriquiry he would receive a report from a secretary who visited the apparatus and “it was the worst: the boys were beaten, they were not fed well, there were children who were crying because they were afraid. The teenagers said Elisa punished a cameraman for protecting them,” the source said.

The Provincial Secretary of Early Childhood, Childhood and Family, Karina Iradion whose orbit the defense devices of the province depend, also told Salta/12 that they have a request for the intervention of Judge Karikuiri, “based on a visit they made to us at one of the devices in Oran (… .) where an act is drawn up , problems are discovered for which they intervene.”

Judge Vega stepped in to impose a restraining order on a complaint of abuse of a teenage girl and other girls. Iradi said that on Friday they had a meeting in which the magistrate asked him to remove the person in charge, although they already removed her on Thursday.

As Salta/12 was able to learn, the 16-year-old teenager was able to tell a classmate about the situation of psychological and physical abuse that she and other girls experienced in the homes. The victim entered the “My Little Home” protective device, which is for babies and children up to 10 years old, and was later transferred to Dos Bosco Home, for adolescents.

The mother of the teenager’s classmate became interested in her and said she wanted to adopt her. Faced with this situation, the woman would denounce to the counselor and the family judge that the girl had begun to be punished by the person in charge of the device.

Iradi pointed out that they have nine children at Mi Pequeno Hogar and five teenagers at Don Bosco. The secretary emphasized that these devices received constant visits from counselors and family judges from Oran, in addition to those from her own secretariat. It is astonishing to her that the situation was not noticed before, but the consulted source assured that the person responsible had prepared everything before the arrival of the authorities, so that the situation of daily violence was not evident in these cases.

The source said that food was in short supply in the units as directed by the manager, who assured that the children had to eat “liver soup” and the operators put money from their own pockets to buy them food. He also indicated that the person in charge had withheld the card of the Adolescent Progressor program. He further stated that the children were not given medical help and that there was a suicide attempt.

This assured Iradi they will not “endorse behaviour” that violates the rights of children and adolescents. “The investigation seems very important to us. We are the main stakeholders,” he said. “Our investigation as well, which determined the suspension of the person responsible before the court request,” he explained. He said the administrative process at the Children’s Secretariat is still ongoing.

Likewise, Iradi said they talked to the judge about the defense plan. Regarding the food, he said that the spring menu is now being changed and a food plan is being worked on, which he believes “answers a deeper question”. He assured that they provide sufficient funds to households for food.

The employee added that they are working on an institutional project to improve the service and that within this framework they have made remarks on specific aspects to the operators.

The source consulted by Salta/12 said that the operators were called to meet the new manager and indicated that those who testified in favor of children and adolescents fear reprisals.

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