“Walking for Life” campaign in favor of girls and boys with cancer brought together more than 2,000 people in La Paz

“Walk for Life” is a solidarity campaign involving individuals, companies and organizations, young volunteers and volunteers, which brings hope to children with cancer across the country, in addition to raising public awareness of this disease.

In this framework, Banco FIE and the NGO FIE held the walk corresponding to the tenth version of the campaign in the city of La Paz along its traditional route that traveled 12 kilometers from the “Las Cholas” Park to the Club de Tennis La Paz” in Huajchilla, uniting more than 2000 walkers and 300 volunteers committed to this cause.

This mobilization aimed to promote fundraising for the treatment of cancer for girls and boys at the Children’s Hospital in La Paz, the Oncology Institute of Eastern Bolivia in Santa Cruz and the Manuel Asensio Villaroel Hospital in Cochabamba.

During the opening ceremony of this activity, the drive and commitment of hundreds of people who every year make it possible for girls and boys to have access to treatment on time and to have an expected life expectancy were highlighted.

“Caminando por la Vida turns 10, an activity that started with the dream of five women and which today is a solid project that covers all medicines for children with cancer. I want you to close your eyes and imagine today 1,500 boys and girls of different ages who have received cancer treatment, thanks to the fact that each one of you walks and contributes to meeting their needs”, said Claudia Adriazzola, one of the founders of the “Walking for Life” campaign.

For her part, the municipal secretary of health, Cecilia Vargas, highlighted these actions aimed at helping families and children who suffer from this disease and ratified the municipality’s commitment to health. “Thank you that there are people like you who take care of the children in the country who suffer from this serious disease, from the Municipal Autonomous Government we are committed to this cause,” stressed Vargas.

Finally, the general manager of Banco FIE, Fernando López Arana, emphasized that Walking for Life has become a real chain of solidarity that has managed to reach the national level, supporting the main cancer care centers for girls and children in the cities of La Paz, Cochabamba and Santa Cruz.

“Thank you to all the people who started this great program, we are sure that without the initiative, vision, strength, integrity that the creators of this campaign have shown us, we would not be here. So many boys and girls could not be supported: an average of 276 boys and girls served annually, who today enjoy and enjoy a future they would not otherwise have. I express our gratitude to all the allied companies and institutions that allow this campaign to grow each year, as well as to the volunteers, without whose efforts we could not continue,” said Lopez.

More than 1,220,000 Bs were raised in 2021 to benefit children’s cancer

These figures are important, knowing that each treatment lasts about three years and the total cost can reach as much as 20 thousand dollars. The amount collected in 2021 and Banco FIE’s direct contribution to the campaign allowed to expand the scope of support provided to low-income children who suffer from this disease in the country.

The collection of donations will continue until October 31 through the various modalities through the use of digital channels or in Banco FIE agencies throughout the country.

To emphasize:

allied organizations: NGO FIE, CRE Foundation, Afanicc Foundation, San Luis Foundation, Oncofeliz, Aspanic, CNI, Camebol, GAMLP

Allied companies: Banco FIE, CBN, Bagó, La Paz Tennis Club, Alianza, Farmacorp, Consegsa, Four Group, Oncoservice, Pure Cotton, Nike, Camino Real, Delizia, Totto, Hipermaxi, Sagittarius, Protel, Postcall, Multicine and CRE.

Voluntary organizations: Saint Andrew´s School, Calvert School, Montessori School, Cambridge School, Scouts San Ignacio, APLAB, UPB, Hands Helping Hands, Interact, Punto Cero, Better Together, Grupo Winter, FIE Amor en Acción, Batucada Bloco, Zebras de La Paz , UTEPSA, AIESEC, Scout Group.

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