Habits that help take care of your kidneys and prevent kidney disease

The kidneys are organs located in the middle of the back, below the ribs. According to information from the medical encyclopedia MedlinePlus, each kidney has a million tiny structures called nephrons, which are responsible for filtering waste and excess water from the blood.

The aforementioned portal reports that most kidney diseases attack the nephrons, making the kidneys unable to eliminate waste. Likewise, it states that the most common causes are related to genetic problems, injuries, or medications.

Another risk factor for developing kidney disease is existing diabetes, high blood pressure, or if a close relative also has kidney problems.

On the list of diseases that threaten these important organs are cancer, cysts and kidney infections. For this reason, before a suspicious symptom appears, it is advisable to go to a medical professional to get an accurate diagnosis and determine the appropriate treatment.

According to the Vitónica portal, there are some habits that people can adopt to prevent kidney diseases and, of course, take care of kidney health. One of them is related to reducing salt intakeas its excessive consumption can lead to an increase in blood pressure and kidney damage.

It is worth mentioning that salt intake is still important. MedlinePlus explains that the body uses sodium to control blood pressure and blood volume, and to help muscles and nerves work properly. However, the contraindication refers to the quantities, since excess is usually harmful to health.

Second, Vitónica offers do not base your diet on fried food, as it significantly affects the increase in body fat percentage. The effect on the kidneys suggests a risk of hypertension and kidney damage.

In terms of diet, the general recommendation is based on the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for healthy living. Thus, it is recommended to give priority to the intake of plant foodswhich are distinguished by their high content of vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients, among other substances useful for the body.

Another tip points to avoid consuming sauces (such as mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, etc.) as they are high in fat, sugar and salt. An alternative is to choose zero-calorie or homemade sauces with a lower concentration of fat, sugar and salt.

Physical activity also offers kidney health benefits, because high-intensity exercise uses the sugar that is in the blood while eliminating sodium.

Finally, Vitónica emphasizes that sleep is essential for good health in general. In fact, he mentions that people who don’t get enough sleep are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases, such as chronic kidney disease.

Experts advise eating a low-salt diet and drinking fluids to prevent kidney stones from forming. Photo: Getty images. – Photo: Photo: Getty images.

Foods that help keep the kidneys healthy

Olive oil

This oil is well known in the Mediterranean diet, recommended as particularly healthy and rich in healthy fatty acids. Daily consumption of unprocessed extra virgin olive oil can reduce the risk of kidney problems; It also slows down the effects of suffering from this disease.

Fish rich in omega 3

Being rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fish is recommended to take care of the kidneys, including the heart, as it increases good cholesterol. The consumption of salmon, mackerel, anchovies, oysters, clams, sardines, turbot, cod and snapper is especially recommended.

They prevent chronic inflammation and slow the progression of kidney disease.


Red fruits, such as strawberries, berries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries, are rich in antioxidants that reduce chronic inflammation, a problem closely related to kidney disease.

egg white

Egg white is rich in proteins, vitamins and other essential minerals for the body; In addition, consumption of only this is recommended, as the yolk is rich in phosphorus, a mineral that people with kidney problems should avoid.


Garlic is a diuretic food that helps reduce excess water and sodium in the body, thanks to which the kidneys can be kept clean. Better to Health states that it is best to consume raw garlic on an empty stomach, which can be crushed into small portions and taken with a glass of water.

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