50 retro names for boys and girls

A name says many things and is able to connect different times and eras. Discover 50 retro names for your baby.

50 retro names for boys and girls

Last update: September 26, 2022

Retro fashion can be applied to everything: clothes, furniture, decoration, and also to find names harvest for boys and girls. In this article, we present 50 options for you to consider.

Choosing what to name your baby is not an easy task. Many times we have ideal names before our eyes, such as those of a grandfather, a distant aunt or a character from a movie we liked when we were children. We don’t realize it at the time it could be the one for our baby.

these are all names harvest, which by connecting us to our past have a very special meaning. In addition, they are always in fashion and are again the most chosen!

List of retro girl names

The names harvest for girls are not only vintage but also timeless as they never go out of style. Find out which is the best option for your daughter.
  1. Aida: It is of Arabic origin and means “she who returns”.
  2. soul: a name derived from Rom Almus, meaning “to feed” or “to nourish”.
  3. Amanda: means “worthy of love” and is derived from Latin.
  4. Protection: its meaning is “protection”.
  5. Anastasiya: a female name of Greek origin, which derives from the word Anastasiya, meaning “resurrection”.
  6. Antoinette: derived from the Latin word antus, meaning “flower”.
  7. Charlotte: It is of Germanic origin and means “free woman”.
  8. Carmella: name of Hebrew origin meaning “garden of God”.
  9. Catherine: a name associated with the Greek goddess Hecate, to which it was added catharsis, meaning ‘pure, clear and innocent’.
  10. Fatima: a name of Arabic origin meaning “the only one”.
  11. Florence: derived from the Latin word floris and means “beautiful as a flower”.
  12. Frida: German name containing the element friedmeaning “peace”.
  13. Helen: derived from the Greek word helium and means “sun”.
  14. Agnes: The Latin form of the Greek name Hagne or Agnes, from which the word derives make usmeaning ‘chaste’ or ‘pure’.
  15. Laura: from Latin laurel, meaning “laurel”, a symbol of triumph.
  16. Eleanor: comes from the Greek language and means “compassion” or “condolence”.
  17. Lola: is the diminutive of Dolores.
  18. sea: derived from the Latin word marineus and means “a woman who loves the sea”.
  19. Mercedes: comes from mercy Latin, which refer to wages, although they also mean “pleasure” or “mercy.”
  20. Olivia: derived from the Latin word “olive”.
  21. Raquel: Derived from Hebrew and meaning “sheep”.
  22. Dew: derived from the Latin word rosiuswhich refers to one who “is refreshing and young as dew’.
  23. Pink: derived from the German word Chrod, meaning “glory”.
  24. Virginia: from genes Roman Virginiaus.

List of retro boy names

Retro boy names are always among the most popular. These are common names that are sure to remind us of someone special.
  1. Alexander: means “warrior man” and is of Greek origin.
  2. Alfonso: It is of Germanic origin and means “ready for battle”.
  3. Alfred: a name of Germanic origin that refers to “the peacemaker.”
  4. Andrew: from Greek androsWhat does it meanmen’.
  5. Antony: It is of Greek origin and derives from the word antus, meaning “flower”.
  6. Elijah: a name of Hebrew origin meaningYahweh is God.
  7. Ezekiel: comes from Hebrew Yehezq, meaning “God strengthens.”
  8. Fabius: comes from the Latin word bean, which refers to “bean”.
  9. Ferdinand: derived from the Germanic name Friednandcomposed of fried, meaning “peace”; Y nand, meaning “brave” or “courageous”.
  10. Francisco: derived from lat Francismeaning “French”.
  11. GabrielHim: a name that derives from Hebrew and means “God’s power”.
  12. Gregory: from Greek Gregorios, meaning “be alert”.
  13. Ismail: in Hebrew it is like this Ishmatzelmeaning “God will hear.”
  14. Joseph: a name of Hebrew origin meaning “Yahweh added”, in reference to the eleventh son of Jacob and Rachel.
  15. pike: from Latin Lucius meaning ‘daylight’.
  16. Manuel: comes from Hebrew and means “God is with us”.
  17. frames: comes from Marcus, one of the oldest Roman surnames.
  18. Martin: name of Latin origin meaning “dedicated to Mars”.
  19. Matthew: It has a Jewish origin and meansgift’ or ‘gift from God’.
  20. Miguel: comes from the Hebrew word michael which translates as “Who is like God?”.
  21. Nazario: in Latin it means “of Nazareth.”
  22. Nicholas: from Greek Nikolaos, meaning “victory of the people”.
  23. Octavian: It is of Roman origin and means the eighth son.
  24. Pablo: from the Latin word Paulus, meaning “small”.
  25. Richard: a name of Germanic origin meaninga rich and brave man.
  26. Vincent: derived from lat vincenswhich translates to “conquer” or “conquer”.

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The destiny of everyone who is born is written in the stars, in the lines of the hand, in the biorhythms: the name is a small tool to emphasize or change it.

– Laura Tuan, The Big Book of Names in 5 Languages–

We hope that this list of names harvest It was very helpful to start your search for the perfect denomination for your baby. Anyway, if you don’t find one here that convinces you, don’t worry! We have a lot more to offer you. The idea is that in a few days you’ll know what you’re going to name your little one and you can focus on other things, like doing exercises to get in shape during the birth or buying what you need to decorate your room.

We encourage you to browse our lists as you will find many interesting options, such as rare names or ones that start with your favorite letter. Start searching now. On our site you will find thousands of names for boys and girls!

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