Why girls shouldn’t paint their nails

In matters of fashion and haircut, nail polish It has always been a playful and sophisticated detail that adds a special touch to our image. Basic nail care is essential not only for hygiene, but also for aesthetics, but also manicure is something that many people like because it is another way to polish or emphasize your presence.

At mothers they like to pass on all these interests and personal care details to their own daughtersand you inculcate manners and customs concerning elegance and appearance, for in fact the care of your person is also take care of your image. It’s good to talk to them and teach them, not so much about fashion as a trend, but about how we can express ourselves and find our identity in clothes too, for example.

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However, one must be careful about what they teach them about beauty and especially about the products that can be within their reach. If we’re talking about painting their nails, it’s fine to do it as a game every now and then, but We must make sure that we use products that are not harmful to health.

Girls should not polish their nails

“Nail polishes contain toluene, formaldehyde, camphorand they can cause damage at the central nervous system level, they can cause damage at the hormonal level and damage at the respiratory level. Do not forget that there is an age for everything”, commented Dr. Marcus Mahmut.

Inhaled toluene and formaldehyde can also cause cough, sore throat, drowsiness and headache, The European Agency for Chemical Substances and Mixtures (ECHA) explains in the same way.

Why girls shouldn’t paint their nails. PHOTO: Unsplash

In general, it is recommended not to use enamels that contain this type of substance and choose a varnish that is classified as 3-Freewhich do not contain the so-called “toxic trio”, i.e. formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate and toluene.

There are also 4-Free enamels that do not contain tosylamide; and 5-Free, which also excludes camphor, a substance that if ingested can cause irritability, confusion and neuromuscular hyperactivity, explains the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a US agency.


“The fact of using chemical substances in contact with the skin, and in particular, nail polishes, can favor the appearance of allergies in the future in children with atopy [con atopía: mecanismo inmunitario que presentan los trastornos alérgicos]”says dermatologist from the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (AEDV), Rosa Ortega.

She points out that it’s okay to occasionally play with the girls to polish her nails. But first, that it is not very common; two, let it be with products without these harmful substances; and three, it should be something simple, that is, it should not be elaborate nail treatment in colors and designs, as if it were for an adult.

Similarly, he shares five specific guidelines or tips to follow to prevent girls’ health.

  • Use 5-Free polishes.
  • Choose a mild nail polish.
  • Apply a hydrating base to the nail before painting.
  • Let the “manicure sessions” be an accurate game.
  • Clean hours later with an acetone-free nail polish remover as this compound dries.

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