the keys to feeling good and enjoying the good side of life

Carlos Otegui (Novo Nordisk), Carla Quiroga (LA NACION), Gaston Dominguez Caetano (GSK) and Juan Garibaldi (Danone) – Credits: @FABIAN MALAVOLTA

Life always gives us new experiences and so began the second chapter of the wellness and health meeting organized by LA NACION. Belen Ortega, creator of Beauty Circuit, was responsible for relaxing the audience with a sound bath that she created with a battery of oriental bowls.

At the opening of the event, José Del Río, editorial secretary general of LA NACION, addressed the question of the keys to enjoying the good side of life in dialogue with Loris Scalise, general manager of Roche Pharma Argentina and member of the directory of the Argentine Chamber of Medical Specialties ( Caeme).

“In the pharmaceutical industry, talking about innovation is talking about hope,” said the Brazilian director. And he stated that life expectancy grows with innovation. Clinical research has increased by 17% in recent years and in 2021 will generate more than $20 billion in foreign exchange for the country, in addition to 3,200 jobs. “Wellness and health are directly related to innovation. The key is to innovate the way we live, understand life and interact,” Scalise said.

The CEO of Novo Nordisk, Carlos Otegui, also referred to the importance of innovation and development: “Almost 13% of our sales are reinvested in these areas.” And he specified that they have 14 centers dedicated to innovation in the world, and that Argentina is the Latin American country with the highest investment in clinical trials, with ten currently underway.

Thus, Juan Garibaldi, CEO and Senior Vice President of the company Danone Cono Sur, emphasized: “In our country we have one of the largest research and development centers in Latin America and together with Conicet we are developing specific strains with probiotics that they will contribute for respiratory and gastrointestinal health.”

Otheguy and Garibaldi were part of a panel moderated by Carla Quiroga, a journalist from LA NACION, which featured Gastón Domingues Caetano, Vice President and General Manager of GSK Argentina and Uruguay, emphasizing that innovation has always been part of the company’s century of history in Argentina and said that today she is on the rise. “We intend to continue to improve; outside the question is how to increase demand, and behind closed doors how to work better”, he said.

Industry leaders came together around the importance of caring for the environment, the social responsibility of their companies and the importance of preventive medicine for people’s health. “Early diagnosis suggests a 70% chance of survival after five years, and late diagnosis – 58%. The impact is very strong, we are talking about lives in between,” said Leandro Zuza, associate director of the integrated solutions business unit of Becton Dickinson Cono Sur, who confirmed that today’s early diagnosis technology allows us to distinguish sick cells or healthy ones in a few hours .

Technological challenges in the era of telemedicine

The pandemic has raised before and after technology and health issues, especially with the rise of telemedicine. Participating in a panel moderated by Ignacio Federico, a journalist from LA NACION, Mariano Allende Iriarte, Deputy Medical Manager of the Emergency Department of the OSDE, said that the organization has carried out 933,000 virtual consultations, with a projection of exceeding one million by the end per year. “More than 97% have a very high level of satisfaction,” he added.

In the same panel, Pablo Santos, Health IT Business Head of Philips South Region, explained that his company’s main focus is on health technology and medical IT. As for telemedicine, they work to expand access to health care, especially in Latin America, where 30% of the population does not have access to quality medical care. “In this sense, we are trying to democratize access to health, to speed up diagnosis with technology, regardless of where the patient or specialist is,” he analyzed.

The e-prescription was another of the great advances of recent years. “It was a radical change: no paper is used, access is 24×7 and we have the consensus of the pharmacies to make the process easier for members. It is clear that this is a benefit from an environmental, social and economic point of view,” reveals Allende Iriarte.

Faced with this scenario, new roles are emerging in organizations and citizens are taking an even more active role. It is that, according to Yamila Zakhem, director of innovation and digital transformation of Microsoft Argentina, everything revolves around innovation and adapting to new tools. The CEO mentioned the use of powerful applications as allies: a data platform that provides a flexible application development environment where those who are not developers but have a specific need can build their application and share it with other users.

And when it comes to this transition, sustainability and efficiency are not far behind. “Logistics is at the forefront of health; is responsible for ensuring that medicines produced through a rigorous system reach the patient as quickly as possible and under the best conditions,” said Lucas Capuano, Commercial Director of the Health & Cosmetics segment at Andreani Logistics Group.

Keys to thinking about the future of wellness

“Argentina has Messi, Maradona and Fangio when it comes to medicine. This country has a record number of Nobel Prize winners for subjects related to medicine and life sciences,” reasoned journalist and economist Sebastian Campanario.

A staunch believer that wellness is the future, he emphasized the importance of the wellness industry worldwide, valued at trillions of dollars annually, according to McKinsey & Company reports. “Personally, I think that with this number they are not enough. I notice that the best wellness startups have a great ability to attract investors, unlike other fields. Today there are smart mattresses that allow you to sleep better, the Oura ring that analyzes rest, and many other tools that were not relevant before and that have now become important because they pay off both personally and financially,” he adds Campanario.

Without a doubt, well-being is gaining importance. If you don’t focus on your health, feeling good and being happy, the effects don’t take long to show up and are challenging to reverse.

Parenthood and its relationship to well-being

It is known that the first years of life are crucial in people’s lives. Hence the importance of children growing up healthy, strong, independent and secure, with high self-esteem.

What is the recipe for achieving a balance between restrictions and permissions in the face of children?

For Maritchu Seitún, a psychologist specializing in parenting and guidance, the key is to reach the middle ground between the extreme personalities of parents. “The ideal would be to listen like the permissive one, but have the firmness of the authoritarian,” he reasoned, insisting that it is important to put yourself in the child’s place, to understand him and at the same time to have the ability to say yes or no; and in case the answer is negative, to know that it is accompanied “by the pain that also strengthens”, he said.

Marcos Apud, psychologist and biohacker, revealed the secrets of improving the quality of life through biohacking, a method that offers a search for an integral balance by combining the use of technology with the specific biology of each person.

Facundo Pereira, a gastroenterologist and author of the book Reset your Intestines, describes in detail the relationship between the functioning of these organs and the emotional health of people. “One of the first causes of leaky gut, which inflames our whole body, is stress, emotions, experiencing depression,” said the professional. And he comments that many people who experience this type of situation develop extra-digestive symptoms such as headaches, hives or chronic fatigue. And it takes a long time to properly diagnose the dysfunction that is in the gut.

Pinky Zuberbühler, nutritionist and wellness coach, talks about the importance of mindful eating: the real power to improve what we eat and how we eat lies in our brains. It is about learning to awaken the conscious mind (not logical or rational) to understand how we act and why we do so. And observe and question the false beliefs we have identified with throughout our lives.

Topics such as diet and physical activity are central to the wellness program. Prioritizing exercise on a daily basis is one of the most important habits and an essential tool for mental health care. “In our studies, we consistently see the importance of physical activity in generating health in body and mind,” said Natalie Steele Santiago, CEO of We Ballet Fitness and creator of a workout that combines muscle work with stretching and ballet.

From New York, Danisa Bevcic, image consultant and creator of Presencia Nova, emphasized the importance of the image that one conveys and with which one is perceived.

And speaking of image, a moment of relaxation and tranquility was brought by Berenice Delupy, an expert in Japanese facial techniques, who taught some exercises to relax the facial muscles.

From Madrid, Ángeles Volder Helling, family constellator and biological decoder, delved into the importance of listening to the body. “There is not one package in our whole being, we cannot work on the pain in the knees and forget about the rest of the body, because we know that people arrived at the disease through situations where they had to manage biological conflicts and the related them emotions that lead us to stress”, said the biodecoder.

A separate chapter, the final touch of the meeting put the professional tennis player Ana Obario, who started competing at the age of 60 and today, at 88, is still in the ring. And she said, “If I’m tired, I’ll play, tennis makes me feel better, it makes me active.”

An example of courage and attitude that shows how age is not a limiting factor when it comes to pursuing passions. His testimony concluded the second chapter of Wellness and Health, a space that set the agenda, predicted what was to come and revealed secrets to a better life.

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