Hundreds of boys and girls celebrated 12 years of Pakapaka in Tecnópolis

Hundreds of boys and girls celebrated in Tecnópolis the largest mega exhibition of art, science and technology in Latin America, on the 12th. public and children’s signal anniversary Pakapaka with entertainment activities and live performances for all ages.

During the day there were make-up stations to ‘look’ at canal-related causes, circus performers to learn and play with juggling, magic and acrobatics, art workshops to share wishes and learn from nature and a space to draw with characters. iconic signs.

The meeting took place in the sector called “The Amazing Stage of the Park”, located in the property of the city of Buenos Aires Villa Martelli, neighborhood of Vicente López.

The activities were led by different animators accompanied by the most representative characters of the signal such as Zamba, Nina, San Martín and Juana Azurduy.

At the entrance, visitors were greeted by clowns doing juggling and acrobatics, and an invitation to the anniversary of the sign was handed out.

At the kermesse, both children and adults had fun with trivia and puzzles.

Cielo Salviolo, director of Pakapaka, said in a dialogue with Télam that “birthdays are necessary to rethink history. The signal spans two generations. For many children in the country who accompanied the channel at its beginning, today they are already teenagers and the signal is in their affective memory.

In addition, he emphasized that Pacapaca marks a before and after in children’s television in Argentina and Latin America.

In this sense, Salviolo emphasized the role of Zamba’s character to give visibility to the signal at a global level.

“Zamba is the synthesis of what educational television is for us, it is the most loved and representative image of the signal,” he said.

And he added: “Zamba was born to tell the story of the bicentennial and was created on screen, telling stories of science, history and the arts.”

In turn, he emphasized that the content developed by the children’s signal “is also used by various educational institutions in the country so that historical and artistic problems in the country can be explained.”

“What we did through the universe of Zamba and Nina allowed us to bring the story closer to the youngest. Bringing Belgrano, San Martín, Juana Azurduy and María Remedio del Valle closer to the youngest is important for us,” he noted.

From the children’s signal, they rely on the construction of diverse stories and characters that allow to cover the different experiences of childhood.

“We recognize that boys’ and girls’ experiences start from different experiences, and that’s why we’re betting on a diversity of characters, stories and content,” said Salviolo.

In this sense, he announced that they are working on two new content related to Zamba: one focused on the environmental issue and the other on history, due to the requests received from hundreds of children from all over the country who asked for the return of historical figures.

“Zamba and Nina will have their own program on Public Television, where they will tour the whole country,” the Pakapaka director confirmed, adding that “3D” content is being developed for the character.

“We are preparing with everything to continue renewing the screen and generating cultural offers,” concluded the director.

In the Park’s Wonderful Stage, children and adults had fun with the animators, playing with a large colorful sheet.

Susana, mother of 7-year-old Enzo and zamba fan, was one of the participants and emphasized that “it’s a nice day to celebrate the anniversary of something that is very important in my son’s life.”

For his part, Enzo, a native of the Formosan town of Clorinda, who had a doll of the character, pointed out that Zamba “likes his stories and all the characters that accompany him.”

In another area, boys and girls were being made up by park staff, who used brushes, glitter and colors to paint on the children’s faces.

This activity was not only for children but also for adults who, tempted, were part of the colorful party.

Such was the case with Victoria, Ambar’s mother, who, after seeing her daughter’s make-up, decided to get involved.

“At some moments it is necessary to bring out the inner child that you carry inside you,” he noted and emphasized that his daughter learned a lot about history thanks to Zamba and Nina.

The little ones had fun with the animators and characters from the Zamba universe, singing and dancing their songs on the main stage.

The party ended when the most representative characters of Pakapaka celebrated their 12th birthday on the micro stage by blowing out a large candle and wishing the signal to continue working to help the education of boys and girls across the country. (Tell me)

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