Boys, girls and children or the minister on the wire

Irene Montero is a minister who devotes much of her efforts to breaking records of all kinds. I don’t think there is anyone capable of looking bad with everyone, those on the right and those on the left, heterosexuals and transgenders, feminists or deniers of gender-based violence. It’s impressive how reality travels by wire, without a safety net and without the thing seeming to have a solution.

Certainly someone who insists on using inclusive language; it goes against all known semantics, against the syntax that supports the world’s most valuable language; This should already be cause for immediate termination. Boys, girls and children, what an ugly, artificial, absurd and wasteful thing! This nonsense contributes nothing to society but disorder and stupidity. And, of course, this woman has to be careful about her public interventions, because every sentence of hers immediately turns into a group of words for mass destruction.

I will allow myself a paragraph to tell you of something I have just experienced, which I believe may serve as an illustration of what I will say later. I came across some images on TV where you can see a Russian recruitment center in the Caucasus. A woman shouts that men must fight for their country, defend the homeland. And men respond. According to a television network, this answer is that no one invaded the homeland and that they should be called ​​the day that happens, that they are the ones who invaded another country. In another chain they claim that the woman tells the men that they must fight for the future, and they reply that how can they do that when they don’t even have a present. All of this is disturbing. What did they actually say? Should we believe what journalists tell us? How could this happen without consequences? Now I continue…

In Spain, there was a huge uproar over Irene Montero’s latest intervention, which went viral. He is accused of promoting pedophilia by inviting minors to have sexual relations with adults. I will honestly say that the minister’s intention does not seem like that at all. This woman has huge flaws and big failings, she’s a sectarian and whatever you want to add, but I don’t think she can be accused of anything so serious. What happens is that his speech is short, simple, overly theatrical and empty. And it may seem that this invitation to pederasty is implicit this time, but no. It is almost petty to twist phrases so that the intent or literalness of what is said makes us think of something so huge. This time, the small thing is to look for three feet for a cat that has all four in place.

Here’s what Irene Montero said (literal transcript): “The children, the girls, the children of this country have the right, they have the right to know their own body, to know that no adult can touch their body if they do they don’t want, if they don’t want and this is a form of violence; they have a right to know that they can love or have sex with whomever they want, based on, yes, consent. And these are recognized rights.” (September 21, 2022).

Let’s see. A boy or girl under the age of 16 cannot give consent. The law prevents it. Therefore, the minister is referring to people over 16, that is, children aged 16 or 17. On the other hand, Montero talks about the right to know, that is, about healthy sex education, which prevents the child, for example, from being able to distinguish violence from something else. It is good to know that the Minister was responding to a question about issues relating to 16-17 year olds; Montero is talking about the right to sex education, not the right to have sex; Montero’s intention was noble and not reprehensible.

We could go further with what was said literally, though it would be clumsy and useless. One thing is clear that the minister cannot control her tone, the choice of appropriate language and remain calm if she is pressed minimally. Bad speech leaves the flaws in the air of the one who dictates it. And it is clear that starting a speech with the words “the boys, the girls, the children” already announces some kind of hecatomb, because common sense is the enemy of nonsense. But you can’t use a narrow interpretation of what someone else says in a tortuous way.

It’s non-stop.

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