A 12-year-old girl killed herself after shooting her father in Texas, USA

A 12-year-old Texas girl shot and killed her father as part of a plot with her best friend to kill their families and then run away from their homes, authorities say.

The girl and her boyfriend planned the murder for weeks. The master plan was to kill their families and pets before fleeing together to Georgia, the Parker County Sheriff said.

However, the girl’s boyfriend never followed through on the plan, according to the sheriff’s office.

For their part, local police officers responded to a shooting at a home in Weatherford, Texas, last Tuesday around 11:30 p.m.

Arriving at the place, on little girl she was found lying in the street with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head and a gun underneath her. His father was found inside the house with a gunshot wound to the abdomen, Fox News reported.

The Parker County Sheriff’s Office charged her boyfriend with criminal conspiracy in planning the murder plot. – Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

According to official reports, the girl apparently shot her father and fled the scene before killing herself. She also plans to drive to Lufkin, Texas to pick up her boyfriend and then drive to Georgia.

Both the girl and his father were taken to hospital. However, his current condition is still unknown.

The Parker County Sheriff’s Office charged her boyfriend with criminal conspiracy in planning the murder plot, according to the sheriff’s office.

The girls’ motives remain unclear and Lufkin police are still investigating the incident.

“Due to the injuries, the age of the juveniles and the sensitive nature of the case, information released about this case will be limited,” Parker County Sheriff Russ Othier said in a statement.

For now, the sheriff’s office said cannot identify minor suspects and that it will not reveal the identity of the adult victim to protect children.

A man in Florida, USA, shot and killed his ex-wife and their son over high energy bills

In other developments, last Sunday, Sept. 18, a Florida man was charged with fatally shooting his ex-wife and their son in a dispute over energy use at their home, according to authorities.

Michael Williams, 47, was furious after he discovered Marcia Ebanks-Williams, 48, and her son, Robert Adams, 28, had cut a lock he had fitted to the electrical box to prevent them from racking up a high electric bill, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

“Michael was upset because he felt like they were leaving the lights on in the house, and he went and put a lock on the box outside the house that Marsha and her son cut,” Deputy Principal Brian Henderson said Monday at a news conference.

“So he got upset and that started an argument that ultimately led to those two people being shot,” Henderson added.

Additionally, Adams’ two other children, ages five and six, were in the home at the time.

“There is a five-year-old and a six-year-old who may have witnessed the murder committed by their father,” Henderson added. “It was a senseless killing that should not have happened,” the officer said.

The exes lived together in the house in DeLand, Florida, about 40 miles north of Orlando, after they divorced and planned to sell the property and split the proceeds.

Williams called 911 after the shooting, telling investigators he used the gun to defend himself after his ex-wife and stepson violently attacked him.

“I’ll let the image speak for itself. I don’t see anything in that guy,” Henderson said, showing a backup photo that showed Williams’ face intact.

The only weapon found on the property was Williams’ handgun. Williams and his ex-wife had been married for 10 years and had no children of their own, authorities said.

It should be noted that in the past year, police have responded to five domestic disputes coming from this house, but there have been no complaints of violence.

Williams’ criminal record includes charges of child abuse, domestic violence and assault on a law enforcement officer.authorities said. The investigation is still ongoing.

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