Why is it more painful to give birth to boys according to science?

The labor pain It feels different in everyone a womanHowever,A study claims that baby sex can affect because depending on whether it is boy or girlwill be the intensity of pain.

According to a study published in the journal Research Nature by experts from the San Cecilio Clinical Hospital in Granada, birth a girls it hurts less than birth To a child.

how? To reach this conclusion, experts studied 56 pregnant that they will deliver their baby in the aforementioned hospital.

why is it more painful birth a children?

In the study, they analyzed pain level in Birth of women, of whom 27 had children and 29 had girls.

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they took blood samples of pregnant women at the beginning of birth process and during the exact moment of eviction.

The findings were surprising as it was found that Women who gave birth girlsthere were more levels of antioxidant defenses and less inflammation during Birth.

This was able to confirm that there is a very close relationship between the gender of the baby and its ability to cope with stress that their coming into the world includes, which in turn diminishes pain in women during Birth.

According to the study, girls can respond better to said stress because they are present less oxidative damage in cell membranes compared to males.

It was further noted that birth of a girl it is less aggressive for the woman than when she gives birth to a child.

It is important to note that all pregnant women they will stand up pain during labordespite the fact that studies show it is more painful to have a boy than a girl.

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The truth is that every woman it is different and your experience will never be the same as another pregnant woman’s.

how to deal with pain during Birth?

The specialist site MedlinePlus states that there is no single method that is best for manage the pain during labor.

Since every woman’s experience is different, different factors can be considered. methods for bear the painWhat:

  • breathing techniques

They can help relieve it pain naturally during Birth and it can add relief to drugs if they choose to use them.

A systemic analgesic It is a medicine for pain which is injected into a vein or muscle and works on the nervous system, not just on a specific part of the body.

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In some cases of pain No decreases completelybut may decrease significantly.

With these drugs, some women may have easier delivery and feel more relaxed, with the advantage that labor nor are contractions affected.

Anesthesia that can be safer and more effective is epidural, which numbs the lower half of the body. You can also choose Local anesthesia in the vagina and rectal area.

Remember this even if you plan perfectly Birth Circumstances can change, so be flexible about what happens when placing yours safety and health first, as well as the baby. When in doubt, consult your medical.

(Courtesy of MedlinePlus, You’re a Mom)

To learn more about… Types of mothers and their characteristics

The motherhood represents a very important change in women’s lives and is that the lack of experience succeeds in creating different types of behavior that can be defined as certain types of mothers
types of mothers
Because there are different ways to exercise motherhoodwe present to you 9 types of mothers, among which you can identify with more than one example.
Helicopter Mom:
They are those mothers who are always aware of their children without giving them the autonomy they need, become overprotective, according to the University of Minnesota, this behavior can influence children to become incompetent and dependent.
Mom in Need:
She is a very conflicted type of mother because she is always complaining and presenting needs that are never met, which makes her children feel guilty that they believe they will never be enough for their mother.
mom friend:
This type of mother behaves like a teenager, allowing all kinds of liberties and treating her children as another companion, but this is not entirely helpful, since raising a child requires a balance between complicity and authority.
Blackmailing a mother:
These mothers are always ready to manipulate their children to do what they want. Children raised by such a mother tend to develop difficulties in making decisions because they are always looking for her approval. Many times this extortion is disguised as supposed “love”.
Demanding Mother:
He always imposes rules and order on daily activities, expectations for his children are very high. Likewise, they are distant and have zero attachment to their children. Growing up with a mother like this will lead to anxiety and low self-esteem issues, as well as insecurity.
Racing Mother:
These types of mothers develop intense competition motivated by the envy of youth against their daughters as they grow up. In extreme cases, mothers come forward to express cruel comments against them.
dutiful mom:
They are mothers who fulfill all the requests of their children, turning children into little tyrants. Over time, a person grows up unable to wait, as well as without a trace of tolerance, because he never had boundaries.
Absent mother:
Mothers of this type take over the upbringing of the children from grandparents or uncles for various reasons and because they do not spend enough time with their children tends to reward his absence with gifts.
Good mood mom:
She is everyone’s dream mother, they are able to attract attention without causing damage with the intention of the child learning from their mistakes. They believe in the possibilities of children It motivates them to fight for their dreams.

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