What to eat to avoid excess weight during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful stage in a woman’s life. Both before and during the nine months of pregnancy, it’s important to take care of yourself and the baby growing inside you. In this sense, we will meet what to eat to avoid excess weight during pregnancy. What foods should be included in the weekly diet and which are better to give up from time to time? We tell you!

We all know that a balanced diet is synonymous with a healthy lifestyle. We should take care of ourselves always and at all times for our own good, but you will agree with me that there are certain stages in life where this care is more necessary than ever, for example during pregnancy. A wonderful stage in which you not only take care of yourself, but also of that little person who is growing inside you and whom you love more than anything in the world.

Food plays a major role in our lives. Thanks to the contribution of these nutrients, the baby will grow properly. Through the right foods, we receive both the essential nutrients and vitamins, as well as the corresponding contributions of folic acid, iron, calcium or vitamin D, which significantly help the development of the fetus.

Choosing good foods, in addition to taking them in the specified quantities, will provide us with an ideal state of health, as well as prevent possible diseases or problems that may endanger the health of the baby. Among all this, healthy eating will help us do not gain weight during pregnancy.

what can a pregnant woman eat

Although weight gain can be understood as both a matter of health and physical well-being, we must bear in mind that gain a few pounds more or less not alarming as long as we are within the recommended values. A gynecologist and a nutritionist will be able to give you the necessary follow-up.

Therefore, it is necessary to clarify before all this This is not the time or the question to eat for two, but to take care of yourself for two. Both you and the baby you are expecting need specific nutrients to help keep you in tip-top shape. And it is not about the baby gaining weight, but about providing him with the necessary nutrients and vitamins for his proper physical and mental development. And that brings us to the next question:what are the best foods not to eat during pregnancy And which ones should always be in the closet?

Most of the foods that cause excessive weight gain during pregnancy are high in calories but low in essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Try not to eat, or if you eat occasionally, foods that are very high in sugars and fats and that are too high in calories and therefore unhealthy.

We are talking about industrial sweets or sweets with an excess of sugar, processed foods (cold meats, dried or canned meats), fried foods or sauces, which are associated with both incorrect maternal weight gain and other health problems. such as gestational diabetes, preeclampsia or babies with higher or lower birth weight.

In order for the pregnancy to proceed normally and for you and the baby to be in the best possible conditions, include in your weekly diet the foods they provide and adds energy for its trace elements and antioxidant bioactive compounds. They’re also the ones that will make you feel your best: lean meats (avoid red meats) like chicken and turkey, legumes, dairy products as long as you’re sure they’re pasteurized, pasta and whole grains, seasonal fruits and vegetables, white and blue fish, seeds and nuts.

Unless your doctor has recommended another type of diet, for example to control gestational diabetes, you should include these foods in your weekly and daily diet, always balancing (remember the food pyramid) and taking into account the quantities: it’s much Better is that your stomach digests well if you eat five light meals a day instead of three very large ones.

The diet of the pregnant woman

If the pregnancy is not going well, it is possible the specialist sends a breakfor example in cases of placenta previa, gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia.

In the event that the doctor has indicated rest for these or other health reasons, this will be necessary adapt the diet so that the woman to continue to feel good without gaining weight, which will not only make pregnancy difficult, but also negatively affect postpartum recovery.

In addition to following a varied diet, you should control your intake of certain foods such as nuts or oils that provide a lot of calories. Remember that if you are not physically active, you must limit the number of calories to avoid gaining extra pounds during pregnancy.

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