Télam Newsboard for September 24, 2022


ARGENTINA-USA (WITH PHOTO).- (By Nicolás Poggi) President Alberto Fernández is preparing to travel to the United States again in the coming weeks to hold the postponed bilateral meeting with his counterpart from that country, Joe Biden, after that president has to end the meeting, which was scheduled for July, due to being infected with the coronavirus.

GOVERNORS.- (By Daniel Scarimbolo) Interior Minister Eduardo de Pedro and the governors of the so-called Norte Grande will travel to the United States this Sunday to hold between next Monday and Friday various meetings and business circles in Washington and New York, in seeking new investments for their provinces and with the intention of increasing exports.

CRISTINA FERNANDEZ-ATTACK-FEDERAL REVOLUTION.- (By Ariel Zack) The Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires must decide whether complaints about threats and violence spread by the Federal Revolution Instagram account should be investigated together with the case under investigation the attack. assassination attempt on Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

THE PUBLIC WORKS TRIAL.- The oral trial of the Vialidad case will resume this Monday with the final argument of the defense of Carlos Kirchner, former secretary of the Federal Coordination of Public Works, after on Friday Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner denounced that the prosecution committed ” detour”.

LUIS MORENO OCAMPO-INTERVIEW (WITH PHOTO).- (By Laura Pomilio) The former deputy prosecutor of the trial against the junta, Luis Moreno Ocampo, spoke to Télam about his role in this historic trial for the return to democracy a few days after it was resumed for the film “Argentina 1985” by Santiago Mitre and gave his opinion on the current situation of justice, warning of the need for “a new political and collective agreement to reject violence”.


BAHILLO-INTERVIEW (WITH PHOTO).- (By Juan Colombo) – Juan Jose Bajillo gave a positive assessment of the first month and a half of management at the head of the National Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, one of whose central objectives is the design of incentives for small and average producers and measures for regional economies, in an interview with Télam. (PUBLISHED)

GAS PIPELINE-VACA MUERTA (WITH INFOGRAPHICS).- (By Ignacio Ortiz) The construction of the Presidente Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline will begin to develop from the first days of October with the start of the production of pipes at the plant of the company Tenaris -Siat, from which it will be sent to the three work fronts a loaded truck every seven minutes, in a logistics operation 24 hours a day. (PUBLISHED)

BUDGET DEPUTIES.- (By Silvia Reicher) The Chamber of Deputies will open this Wednesday in committee the discussion of the 2023 budget with the official presentation to be made by the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, who will explain the macroeconomic variables projected by the government of increase of 2 percent GDP growth, a deficit of 1.9 percent and an average inflation rate of 60 percent. (PUBLISHED)

AFIP-CRYPTOCURRENCY (WITH PHOTO).- (By Alejandro Tejero Vacas) AFIP has carried out half a dozen inspections in four provinces in the past two weeks, in which – for the first time in its history – it found undeclared farms for mining cryptocurrency, a form of production, which is growing hand in hand with a booming industry and which is now being looked at more closely by the organization. (PUBLISHED)


CORONAVIRUS-PANDEMIC.- (By Nataliya Konchina) With a view to the new meeting of the WHO committee, which will have to determine in October whether Covid-19 continues to be an international health emergency, experts have recommended to continue preventive measures such as the use of masking and administering booster doses in a world where the coronavirus is no longer news, while there are countries where less than 20% of the population is vaccinated.

NO-CONTACT DRAFT (WITH PHOTO AND ILLUSTRATION).- (By Alicia Alvado) Lawmakers, mother advocates and organizations fighting against sexual violence against girls and boys have introduced a bill to repeal the No-Contact Act, which is in force since 1993 because they claim it is used to criminalize those who accompany victims in their reports of domestic violence and to order forced reunions with aggressors.

FEMICIDE-WEAPONS (WITH PHOTO).- (By Silvina Molina) Firearms “are instruments of violence” against women because they are used “to kill, exercise power, threaten and sexually abuse,” says Maria Pia Devoto, director of The Association for Public Policy Analysis released a report this week that links femicides to gun ownership and suggests disarmament strategies.


THE RIO CASE.- (By Ian Verbin) Martin Del Rio, the alleged parricide of Vicente Lopez, exhibits “psychopathic personality traits,” according to various forensic psychiatrists who claim that this type of person “sees others as objects,” “has an absolute lack of empathy” and “have an absolute inability to love”, and a famous criminologist believes that the author of the act wanted to “reinsure the fact in any way”.

CRIME DOCTOR.- (By Emmanuel Dalbesio) The investigation into the crime of a doctor from Kilmes, who was found beaten to death in his home in November 2020, took a turn in recent days when the victim’s son, who from the beginning raised suspicions of his father’s partner and will now be investigated for throwing him down the stairs and killing him to take $200,000 from a safe, judicial sources said today.


ITALY-ELECTIONS (WITH PHOTO).- (By Hernan Reyes Alcaide, Correspondent) More than 46 million Italians have the right to vote tomorrow from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. for 400 deputies and 200 senators, with whom the two houses of the local parliament will be renewed and the first step will be taken to form a new government after the surprise resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi in mid-July in an election favored by an alliance of the right and far-right.

BRAZIL-ELECTIONS (WITH PHOTO).- (By Pablo Giuliano, Correspondent) Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro and opposition leader and poll favorite Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva held events today in the state of Sao Paulo, the country’s most populous, to contested the votes almost a week before the election.

SWEDEN-FAR RIGHT (WITH PHOTO).- (By Ivan Gajardo Milas) The threat of immigration, violence, the desire to return to a “racially and socially homogenous Sweden” and changes in the way citizens perceive the far right have contributed to the outcome of the recent parliamentary elections in the Scandinavian country that catapulted the neo-Nazi-rooted party Democrats for Sweden (DS) and caused social democracy to retreat, experts say.

POPE-ECONOMY (WITH PHOTO AND VIDEO).- (By Correspondent) Pope Francis asked today “to discuss the development model” of the “economy that kills” when he meets in the Italian city of Assisi with young people from all over the world. whom he urged to build a process of change “with the poor as protagonists”. (PUBLISHED)

CUBA-FAMILY CODE.- Millions of Cubans are called to vote tomorrow to approve or reject the so-called Family Code, a refined text that the National Assembly approved last July and which allows same-sex marriage, legalizes surrogacy, includes concepts of sexual and related gender violence and recognizes the right to care. (PUBLISHED)


DANIEL MELINGO (WITH PHOTO).- (By Pedro Fernández M.) Coverage of “Ópera linyera”, a new show by the musician Daniel Melingo, which is presented as an epic poem with an operatic structure, original music, animated projections, dances and audiovisual treatment in Buenos Aires Cultural Center May 25. (PUBLISHED)

CINEMA-SAN SEBASTIÁN (WITH PHOTO).- (By Hugo Sánchez, Special Correspondent) Palmares of the 70s. San Sebastian International Film Festival, which will end on Sunday 25.

CINEMA-SAN SEBASTIAN-FIGURES (From a special messenger).- Almost in the late 70s. edition of the festival, hours before the award ceremony, Ana de Armas and Liam Neeson appeared in front of the press, accompanying “Blonde”, in the case of the Cuban star based in the United States, and the British actor for “Marlowe”.

PESCADO RABIOSO-ANNIVERSARY (WITH PHOTO).- (By Hernani Natale) Special note for the 50th anniversary of “Desatormentanos”, the debut album of the rock project Pescado Rabioso, one of the groups created by Luis Alberto Spinetta. Includes testimonials from Black Amaya, the band’s drummer. (PUBLISHED)

AUDIOVISUAL-BARILLOCHE-SHORT FILM (WITH PHOTO).- (By Martin Olavaria, Special Correspondent) The sections of the Bariloche Audiovisual Festival related to short films, with the binational Argentine-Chilean competition, its national section, Patagonian Sub21, projects under construction, the video clips from the region and the video dance pieces make up one of the most original and successful programs of the meeting.


ART-MARKET (WITH PHOTO).- (By Mercedes Ezquiaga) Visiting Argentina, Sotheby’s Senior Vice President and Director of Latin American Art, Anna Di Stassi, analyzed the trends and challenges of the Latin American art market, which, he assured, currently has strong interest in the Surrealist women who worked in Mexico between the 1940s and 1960s.(PUBLISHED)

THE RED HOOD EXHIBIT (WITH PHOTO).- (By Diana López Gijsberts) There will be seventy versions of “Little Red Riding Hood”, girl, teenager, brunette, blonde, gothic or modern, but always happy, curious and honoring her ancestors on display from tomorrow in a popular library in La Plata to claim the right of women to follow their chosen path without “wolves” lurking and empowered to doubt and question everything.

ALICE KELLEN-INTERVIEW (WITH PHOTO).- (By Leila Torres) Alice Kellen, the young Spanish writer who is in vogue in the youth romance genre, arrived in Argentina to accompany the launch in the country of her first books “Otra” vez tú’ and ‘Maybe You’, works that touch on issues such as the transition to adulthood, insecurities around the body, the importance of communication in relationships and how, the author says, “love is always about yourself”.


FOOTBALL-LPF-RIVER PLATE-TALLERES DE CÓRDOBA (WITH PHOTO).- River Plate hosts Talleres de Córdoba in one of the matches that will give continuity to today’s date 21 of the Professional Football League, whose new leader is Boca Juniors. The match will be played from 18:00 at the “More Monumental” stadium, the referee will be Facundo Tello and it will be broadcast on TNT Sports television.

WOMEN’S FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP (WITH PHOTO).- UAI Urquiza’s young midfielder Catalina Ongaro confirmed today that they do not feel “pressure” to play this Sunday against Boca at the packed Bombonera, on the last date of the Women First Division that will decide the title . (PUBLISHED)

RUGBY CHAMPIONSHIP-LOS PUMAS (WITH PHOTO).- The Argentinian rugby team, Los Pumas, face South Africa in a match to be played in the city of Durban for the sixth and final date of the 2022 Rugby Championship tournament. The match will It will be held at 12:05 PM (Argentine time) at Kings Park Stadium.

BOXEO-BONAVENA (WITH PHOTO).- (By Walter Vargas).- Fate is not what might have happened, fate is what did happen, but the hero deserves his license and respect: tomorrow he would have turned 80 years Oscar Natalio Bonavena, the lovable “Titi” of Park Patricios, who, as a top heavyweight, defeated Cassius Marcel Clay at Madison Square Garden.


TOURIST VILLAGES-BUENOS AIRES (WITH PHOTO) – Buenos Aires province’s tourist villages are an interesting option for spring due to their proximity to major cities and their community-based tourism offering that emphasizes nature, history and cultural heritage. (PUBLISHED)

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